Motorcycle GPS Trackers

Don’t let someone drive off with YOUR bike.  

Find the best motorcycle GPS tracking solution for the best price.

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Easy To Install Anti Theft

FACT: Motorcycle theft has increased in many cities around America.  Adding the right real time GPS tracking system to your motorcycle dramatically increases the chance of recovery.   

The best GPS tracking devices for motorcycles are small, easily hidden so it can not be detected without a lengthy examination of the bike.  Trackers should also be rugged, water resistant and relatively permanent; capable of withstanding weather and potential impact or tampering. 

“The most common way of stealing a motorcycle is by lifting it off of the ground and loading into a van. Quick, easy, quiet, once the bike is in the van it's invisible, riding it comes with a greater risk of being caught. Plus you don't even need to know how to ride it. No need to override the ignition. It couldn't be simpler."

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Motorcycle GPS Alerts

  • Real Time GPS Location
  • Motion Detection
  • Entering or Exiting a Geofence
  • Speeding

What Tracks Your Motorcycle?

  • #1 Tracker On The Market
  • Internal Battery
  • Google Maps
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Real Time Location Updates
  • Geo Fence Alerts
  • Mobile Device Apps
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Cellular vs Satellite Motorcycle GPS Tracker

GPS tracking devices for motorcycles can run on cellular or satellite services. Finding the best motorcycle GPS tracker for your needs is vital. Cellular GPS service tracker will only send and receive messages within certain the provider’s range. Satellite GPS tracking devices will send and receive messages almost world wide.

Cellular Motorcycle GPS trackers rely on 3G or 4G coverage. Most GPS trackers use cellular services (ie. Verizon, AT&T, T-Moblie) and are on a 3G network. Cellular service providers will be ending support for their 3G networks starting the end of 2019; NO 3G GPS tracking devices will function with that provider. **If you plan on purchasing a GPS tracker that will last you a few years, get a waterproof GPS that uses 4G or satellite services.

*If traveling in areas that may not have cell coverage you want to consider a satellite tracker.

Security Solutions and Theft Deterrent

Be smart when leaving your bike unattended. Don’t leave it outside all night and park in a well lit area. You can purchase many different kinds of chains, locks and ground anchors…that can get cut or removed. Or just get the best GPS motorcycle tracker to suit your specific individual needs. FYI, LoJack is NOT an effective tracking or recovery device! The restrictions of use for a LoJack are extreme and the possibility of recovery is very slim.

The biggest deterrent is a motorcycle security system. Reason being there are a lot of insecure bikes out there and thieves will go for the easiest bike every time. Remember, what a thief doesn’t want is to be caught. Being caught is the biggest hazard in their line of “work”!

Motorcycle GPS trackers have real time tracking capabilities even when the bike is off. Track and monitor multiple aspects of your motorcycle from our mobile app or computer 24 hours a day. Recovery using portable GPS trackers is increasing, don’t be the one who doesn’t get your bike back.

There are a few questions commonly asked by motorcycle owners when the topic of theft arises. When and where are highest theft rates in the U.S.? What types of motorcycles are the biggest target? Why are these motorcycles the biggest target? What is the best security solution? What is the biggest deterrent for thieves?
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Summer was the Highest Rate of Theft in the U.S. in 2017

For the most part, motorcycles thefts are seen as a seasonal crime; occurring mostly in the warm months but does happen year round. The largest percentages of motorcycle theft is between June and September. The highest percentage being in July and August.

Which Bikes... And Why

“The most popular bikes for thievery are sports bikes and those bikes which you see around more commonly. Reason being in an age of trackers, HPI checks and people knowing much more about how to be smart when they buy a new vehicle (so as not to buy a stolen one) its much simpler for the thief to break the bike up into parts and sell it for parts.”

Ask A Motorcycle Thief
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