Trailer GPS Tracking Device for Flatbed Trailers

GPS Trailer Tracking Device

Trailer GPS Tracking Device for Flatbed Trailers

Looking for a GPS Trailer Tracking Device to help protect your your trailer from theft?  We offer one of the most advanced GPS Tracking Devices for trailers on the market, with no monthly fees.  Rugged, water-resistant and motion activated, the LST-330 offers the most advanced tracking technology for the lowest price on the market.

We also provide satellite based GPS trailer tracking devices that have the ability to operate 750 days on 4 AAA batteries.  The Smartone C will does not need a cellular network to operate, which makes this device perfect for trailers traveling off the grid.  Needing more than 750 days of battery life?  We also offer the Smartone Solar which has an unmatched 10 Year Battery Life!  

Without a GPS Trailer Tracker, the odds of your trailer being recovered are about 14% according to the Tulsa, OK PD.  In 2014 alone, Detective Sherrill of the Tulsa PD said, “thieves were stealing so many trailers it came out to about one a day totaling a loss of about $2 million.”

It’s discouraging to see how hard these thieves work,” Gillespie said. “Instead of getting a job, they come out here and steal (from) other people have worked very hard for.”- See more at Fox23.  

Don’t be the next victim of trailer theft, and protect your asset today with a GPS Trailer Tracking Device from LoneStar Tracking.