Grayhound Bus Tracker

Grayhound Bus Lines has released their new service called BusTracker which allows customers to track the location of Grayhound buses in real time from any smart device.

According to the bus company, any device that is internet-ready is able to connect to the BusTracker system.  This tool enabled Grayhound to utilize a real time GPS Tracking system to allow customers to see the location of their bus and see when they are scheduled to arrive. 

To access BusTracker, customers can download the Grayhound mobile app which is available on both iPhone and Android.  The BusTracker system will update it’s location every 1 to 4 minutes and pulls GPS information from 1 of 3 different tracking systems installed on the buses. 

The BusTracker system is a part of a huge upgrade that Grayhound has been implementing across their fleet of buses.  New amenities such as in-seat power, extra leg room, WiFi, leather seats and  OnTouch® access (an onboard catalog filled with destination packages allowing customers to buy tickets to popular attractions, theatrical events and ground transportation offers.)   Additional features such as $1 fares are making Grayhound a top choice for travelers across America. 

Andy Kaplinsky, chief commercial officer of Greyhound lines, released a statement regarding the mission of the company and what it hopes to accomplish by integrating this new tracking tool. He states their dedication to enhancing their customer’s’ experience by making it as easy as possible. He’s excited about launching a system that will take the unpredictability out of traveling by bus.

The BusTracker system is the latest feature to be added by the bus line for enhancing and personalizing the travelers experience.  To date, over 1200 buses have been upgraded, with more planned in the near future. 

Greyhound is the largest  bus transportation provider in North America and serves over 3,800 different destinations all over North America.


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