LoneStar Tracking Launches New GPS Vehicle Tracking System


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LoneStar Tracking Launches New GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Undercuts market to make GPS Tracking affordable

Spring, Texas: LoneStar Tracking LLC announced this week the launch of its latest GPS tracker – the $119 GPS Tracker. This GPS tracker includes 2 years of service and is a perfect solution for those who wish to have real-time location visibility for their field assets, equipment and vehicles, with no monthly fees on the Verizon network.

Christine Kyle, CEO and co-founder of LoneStar Tracking stated, “the news has been filled with stolen vehicle reports, missing persons, and identity thefts.  Lonestar Tracking has developed a cost-effective solution to help others retrieve their stolen property quickly and efficiently.”

LoneStar Tracking saw a gap in the GPS tracking market that needed to be filled.  GPS tracking devices have been available for many years, but with a very high price.  This made the technology out of reach for the average consumer.  The team of core engineers at LoneStar Tracking have developed a solution that makes GPS tracking affordable for everyone.  “To get started, the end user would purchase the GPS tracker from our website for $119.  This includes the tracker and 2 years of unlimited tracking service.  At the end of the two years, you can renew for only $20 per year” says Ryan Kelley, COO of LoneStar Tracking.    So, what makes our product different?

  • Only $119 for two years of unlimited GPS tracking, while others charge about $30 per month.
  • The LoneStar Tracking devices use the Verizon Network, while other tracking companies use T-Mobile.
  • Multiple trackers to choose from, including a small, battery powered waterproof unit that attaches to trailers, boats, jet skis, utvs, and more.
  • Their devices work across North America, while others are restricted to the USA only.

About our Company:   LoneStar Tracking is a woman owned minority business operating in the Lone Star State.  They have presence in Houston, San Marcos and Dallas to better serve their customers.  All of their senior engineers have a background in either telematics or technology, which help LoneStar be an innovator in this changing market.  www.LoneStarTracking.com or toll-free 1-877-777-8636