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LST-200 Vehicle GPS Tracking Device

$199.99 $139.00

  • No contract and no monthly fees
  • Coverage in USA, Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited “pings”
  • Includes 2 years of service
  • Only $49 per year after your 2 years of service


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This device is an ideal solution for stolen vehicle, vehicle finance, auto rental and other automotive track and trace applications. Protect & monitor your vehicle from anywhere at anytime with LoneStar Tracking GPS devices.  The LST-200 is extremely beneficial for those who want all the features available at low cost with no monthly fee or contract.



All LoneStar Tracking GPS Device Features:


  • REAL-TIME ALERTS on any computer or smart device
  • Precise vehicle location and movement alert 
  • Completely hidden in a variety of places on the asset
  • FREE software updates (remotely)
  • 24/7/365 American customer support


LST-200 Key Features:

  • Easy to Install

    • The LST-200 is easy to install with tie-wrap or adhesive in multiple locations.  Only 2 wires to connect, a positive and a negative.  The device can be placed in many hidden places on your vehicle: next to the battery, under the dashboard, behind the radio, etc. (anywhere close enough to have the positive and negative connection).  


  • Starter Interrupt Harness

    • Disable the vehicles’ ignition from your smart phone or computer.  Installation of the disable relay is simple.  If your vehicle is stolen or taken out of a predefined area you can disable the ignition until the vehicle is recovered.  


  • Ultra-Low Power Sleep Mode

    • This device uses VERY LITTLE battery while your vehicle is off.  You can ping your tracking device as many times as needed to determine location, a location notification will be sent every 25 hours regardless.  When the vehicle is turned on and movement is detected all features “wake up”. 


  • Internal Back-up Battery and Tamper Alert

    • An alert will be sent if the device is tampered with, disconnected or the vehicle battery dies.  The internal back-up battery enables additional time to recover your property.


  • Voltage Monitoring and Low Battery Notification

    • Monitor the voltage of your asset from your computer or smart device.  An alert will be sent when the battery on your vehicle, ATV, tractor, boat, etc. is running low.  


  • Rugged, Small Case

    • Shock and Vibration: U.S. Military Standards of 202G and 810F, SAEJ1455
    • Weight: 3.1 oz, Dimensions: 1.84″ x 3.3″ x 0.78″ 


  • Internal Antennas

    • The LST-200 is available on the Verizon cellular network.  All antennas are built into the device, there is no need to run extra wires for external antennas.


  • 3-Axis Accelerometer

    • A notification will be sent if motion is detected or if the asset is tilted more than 90 degrees.  An alert will be sent if an impact is detected, for example an accident. 


  • 10 Built-in Geofences

    • A “geofence” is a virtual perimeter that you can set around specific locations to alert you if your asset enters or leaves a predetermined area.  Customize a single or multiple geofences to maximize the security of your possessions.  (more info on geofences)


  • Tow Alert

    • If your vehicle is being towed an alert will notify you the asset is moving without the ignition running.  If the device is removed the internal battery will be activated and will continue to locate your asset.  This feature is a great tool to prevent impound and mechanic liens.


  • No Monthly Fees, No Activation Fees and Free Shipping!
  • #1 Vehicle GPS Device for the Financing and Tracking Industry
  • $139.99 Includes 2 Years of Service (Bulk Discounts Available)
  • 24/7/365 American Customer Support:

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