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LST-620 Battery Powered GPS Asset Tracking Device

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LST-620  Completely Battery Powered GPS Tracking Device & 2 Years of Service

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Track and monitor ANY asset with the LST-620 GPS tracking device.  This completely battery powered small device allows you to forget about connecting any wires.  There is no need for an external power source.  Save money and time while protecting your property. 


Stick It and Forget It…until you NEED It. GPS Tracking Made Easy!


All LoneStar Tracking GPS Device Features:


  • Precise asset location and movement alert 
  • Notification via any computer or smart device
  • Completely hidden in a variety of places on the asset
  • Multiple cellular providers to best support your location
  • 24/7/365 American customer support


LST-620 Key Features:


  • At least 1 year Battery Life
    • NO WIRES!  LST-620 uses 6 replaceable AA batteries (not included) and can last up to 2 years depending on usage.  This allows you to place the tracker virtually anywhere on your asset without having to worry about connecting wires. 


  • Check-in Every 25 hours
    • A notification will be sent to your computer or smart device a different time each day.  This maximizes security, for instance, your asset may be in the garage every night but where is it during the day?  This also minimizes battery usage to allow for longer life.


  • Recovery Mode 
    • The device stays active to locate 24 hours a day (otherwise in sleep mode to conserve battery).
    • If your asset is lost or stolen it can go into recovery mode allowing you to track it when needed. 


  • Low Battery Alert and Voltage Monitoring 
    • An alert will be sent to your computer or smart device when the battery of your asset is running low.  Don’t get caught in the middle of the lake or on the trails with a dead battery.  



  • Internal Cellular and GPS antennas
    • Everything is built into the device.  There is no need to run wires for external antennas. 


  • 3-axis Accelerometer
    • This allows you to detect motion of your asset and alert you of an impact to you asset. 


  • Up to 10 Geofences
    • A geofence is a virtual perimeter of a geographical area you can customize.  When an asset enters or exits an alert will be sent to your computer or smart device.  


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