AI-12 Live Streaming Dash Camera


AI-12 Live Streaming Dash Camera



  • Live Video Streaming – Instantly stream HD quality video and audio from your drivers back to your computer or mobile phone
  • 15 Minute Install – Easy to install and easy to use!  Most installations can be done in about 15 minutes
  • AI Technology – Identifie unsafe driving such as sudden acceleration, sharp turns, and harsh breaking to save you money!
  • Audio / Visual Alerting – Easily detect distracted drivers, driver drowsiness, and unsafe driving behaviors, while assisting drivers with audio and visual corrections.

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Streaming dash cam

Full Featured Real Time Streaming Dash Camera

The only camera solution that actually provides Real Time video streaming to give you the “full picture” of what’s happening on the road.  The AI-12 is a feature packed dash camera that includes the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology to detect distracted drivers and poor driving habits. 

Road Facing Camera

  • Full HD Video - 1080P full HD video with 140° adjustable wide angle lens to fully capture the road
  • Powered by AI and sensors - Auto-detect distracted driving and driving conditions
  • Future proof - 3G/4G connectivity and built in WiFi hotspot provide access to other iOT devices and additional cameras
  • Tamper resistant - Tamper resistant SIM and 128 GB SD card slot, secured with safety screws
  • Video recording - Auto-upload video events to the cloud over 3G/4G network and record video continuously on SD card
  • Parking mode - Built in battery for parking mode, automatically turning the camera on when sensing harsh movement, breaking-in, or accidents with 8 hours lifespan
Live dash cam features
AI Dash camera with realtime streaming

In-cabin facing camera

  • Full HD Video - 720P full HD adjustable wide angle color and IR cameras for improved facial recognition at night
  • Driver assistance and coaching - Provide audio feedback and visual warnings for dangerous driving events
  • Simple setup - Designed for a simple installation with mounting bracket and a rotating ring to positions and lock the cameras
  • SOS button - The SOS button allows you to send pre-defined alerts and auto-upload video event to the cloud
  • Rugged design - Designed for high resistance in extreme heat or cold

Easy to install and easy to use!

Installation can be completed in about 15 minutes and our software is super simple to use and understand.  Your new AI-12 camera can be shipped with an OBD-2 Plug-N-Play adapter that makes installation super simple.  Adjust the camera for your vehicle, stick it to your windshield and plug it into your OBD-2 port.  Simple as that!

Our easy to use software works on any mobile phone, iPad or PC.  You can add additional users, view the location of your vehicles, stream live video and much more!

Cell phone gps
Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in

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