AP1 – The 2-in-1 ADAS Camera with Live Video Streaming

  • Recruit, Develop and Retain Skilled Drivers
  • Improve Your Fleet Numbers
  • Reduce Accident, Litigation and Insurance Costs
  • Minimize the Risk of New Technology Adoption
  • Your Equipment Is Protected With A Lifetime Warranty
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AP1 Dash Camera mounted

Key features and benefits


The all-new AP1 ADAS camera from LoneStar Tracking is a sleek and thoughtfully designed solution that combines critical ADAS functionality with a forward-facing HD camera to make video telematics easier and more accessible to small/mid-sized operators, with easy installation at a highly competitive price.

This is a different kind of advanced technology. The AP1 ADAS camera is designed from the ground up to be intuitive at every level. It’s easy to learn and operate for both the driver and fleet manager. This minimizes training time and, equally important, eliminates the frustration that often results from the complexity of many video telematics solutions on the market today.

Simple installation

Installation of the AP1 ADAS camera is fast and easy. This minimizes the disruption of fleet operations, accelerating system implementation and results.

Unlike other camera systems, the AP1 can be installed in under 15 minutes by almost anyone.  Long gone are the days of having a 3rd party install the camera equipment in your vehicles, which costs you time and money. 

ADAS Camera

The AP1 offers a compelling range of real benefits to fleet owners:

RECRUIT, DEVELOP AND RETAIN SKILLED DRIVERS. The AP1’s unobtrusive, driver-friendly ADAS feature set assists rather than annoys drivers, providing a manageable number of real-time alerts for safety and nonpunitive skill building. Forward-facing video and in-cab audio protect your operators from unwarranted blame in the event of an accident, and free AIDE software minimizes driver frustration over false positives.

IMPROVE YOUR FLEET NUMBERS. Reduced accident rates and shop time. Increased fleet productivity and decreased operating costs. Improved driver safety, job satisfaction and retention. These are proven, measurable positives of video telematics and ADAS technology. The AP1 delivers them at a lower cost than the competition.

REDUCE ACCIDENT, LITIGATION AND INSURANCE COSTS. With its unique, integrated combination of ADAS and video telematics, the AP1 improves driver performance and delivers reliable evidence to reduce costs related to accidents, litigation and insurance premiums.

MINIMIZE THE RISK OF NEW TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION. The AP1 is fast and easy to install, minimizing installation-related disruption of fleet operations. It’s easy to learn, reducing training time to a minimum. And the AP1’s competitive price provides operational improvement at a low cost. It’s a low-risk, win-win decision.

The AP1 feature set is tuned to deliver flexibility and results at an affordable per-unit cost:

  • 2-in-1 device works with an existing telematics black box or without
  • Practical, no-frills feature set
  • Front-facing HD camera provides a 128-degree view for clear evidence of fault in accidents
  • Secure, cloud-based data storage
  • Free AIDE software add-on leverages AI for dramatically reduced false positives
  • No driver-facing camera; unobtrusive driver interaction
  • ADAS audio alert feature provides real-time feedback to help drivers stay safe and alert as well as documents issues to fleet manager
  • Sharp ADAS focus on safety-critical alerts — speeding, forward proximity, forward collision, forward vehicle start and lane departure
  • Fast/simple install — about 15 minutes per vehicle
  • Intuitive/automated operation — very little training required
  • Compact, low-profile device design
SmartWitness AP1 dash camera with live streaming 360deg view

What's included?

  • AP1
  • API OBD/power connection cable
  • AP1 lens angle cap, with a Torx®/hex key to fix the angle in place
  • 5x adhesive wire clips (for securing power cable along the windshield edge)
  • Alcohol wipe (for cleaning the windshield glass before installation of the AP1)
  • Quick start sticker (with a QR code so customer can scan to install app and view installation instructions)
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2 in

None, 24 Months

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