Commercial Freezer Temperature Monitoring Starter Kit

  • Automated Temperature Monitoring – Automatically monitor the temperature of your walk in freezer or walk in cooler, updated every 15 minutes.
  • Outstanding Battery Life – Our temperature IoT sensor has a 10 year battery life.
  • Instant Alerts – If your freezer temperature ever gets out of range, you will instantly be alerted.
  • Easy To Start – This starter kit includes everything you need to get going.  One temperature sensor and one gateway.
  • Affordable – Its easy and affordable to install a temperature monitoring system, with the monthly subscription of just $7.95 per month

From: $95.40 / year and a $249.90 sign-up fee


LoRa Waste Bin Sensor

Remotely Monitor Temperature

The LoneStar Tracking remote temperature monitoring solution is perfect for those that need an easy way to monitor, track and be alerted if temperatures go out of range.  Using our mobile app or a computer, you can easily review temperature logs, edit alerts and view real time sensor data.

Freezer Temperature App

Easy To Use

The temperature monitoring solution from LoneStar Tracking is easy to use, affordable and gives you peace of mind.  Simply download our mobile app, scan the QR code on the temperature sensor and place it in your freezer.  Our system will start recording temperature data once every 15 minutes and will automatically send it to your mobile app.  You can view and monitor your temperatures while at home or across the globe. 

10 Year Battery Life

Our temperature sensors are designed to run for up to 10 years without needing to be replaced.  LoRaWAN technology has enabled LoneStar Tracking to develop ultra low power IOT sensors that never need charging.  At the end of the 10 years, simply replace the temperature sensor. 

waste bin level sensor iphone app alert


The temperature monitoring and recording system requires a monthly subscription to use the service.  Our monitoring cost is only $7.95 per month per temperature sensor.  The service is month to month and does not require any contracts.

Whats Included?

We have included everything you need to get started, in one box. 

  • 1 – Ethernet Gateway
  • 1 – Temperature Sensor

The Ethernet Gateway must be plugged into your home/office internet router for service to work.   The gateway received the Temperature Sensor data and sends it to our servers via the Ethernet Gateway.

LST Support
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in
Additional Sensors

None, 1 Additional (+$49), 2 Additional (+$98), 3 Additional (+$147), 4 Additional (+$196), 5 Additional (+$245), 6 Additional (+$294), 7 Additional (+$343)


WiFi/Ethernet, Cellular

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