Dumpster GPS Tracker 10 Pack


Dumpster GPS Tracker 10 Pack



  • 10 Pack Oyster2 GPS Trackers — A great starter pack to get your company onboard with GPS tracking
  • Instant Movement Alerts — If your dumpster is moved, you will be instantly alerted on your cellphone and computer
  • Unmatched Battery Life — Get up to 5 years of battery life before replacing the 3 AA batteries
  • Waterproof IP67 Rated — The Oyster2 is designed to withstand any weather conditions and continue monitoring your dumpster
  • Special Pricing — Highly discounted pricing specifically for dumpster GPS tracking

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Oyster2 GPS

Oyster2 Dumpster GPS Tracker - 10 PACK

Looking for an easy way to keep tabs on your dumpsters at an affordable rate?  LoneStar Tracking has taken our most popular GPS Tracker, the Oyster2, and customized it for Dumpster Tracking. 

  • Instant Movement Alerts
  • Up To 5 Year Battery Life
  • Easy To Use Mobile App
  • Inventory Management

Preventing Dumpster Theft

Dumpsters are stolen every day in every city across America.  Until now, there has been very little that companies can do to recover their stolen property.  Our GPS tracking system will not only show you the exact location of your dumpsters, but it will also alert you as soon as one begins to move.

Using our mobile app, you can watch your dumpster travel down the road and contact police with its current location. 

Unmatched Battery Life

On average, our customers see 4-5 years before needing to replace the 3 AA batteries.  The life span of the batteries depends on how often you move your dumpsters around, so we can’t give you an exact estimate.  However, about 3 months out, you will receive a text message and email notifying you that the batteries are low and need to be replaced. 

Unbeatable Pricing

All GPS tracking devices require a data plan to operate.  That’s because the device uses cellular networks to transmit location and to notify you of movement.  Think of it just like a cell phone. 

Because dumpsters tend to stay at one location for an extended amount of time, they use less data than our average customer.  So we took our normal pricing of $14.95 per month and slashed it to $6.50 per month.  That gives you unlimited tracking and unlimited movement alerts across North America.

GPS Tracking Phone Alerts
Oyster2 GPS Dual Side

About Our 10 Pack

Everyone knows that you get a discount when buying in bulk.  That’s why we created the 10-Pack.  This saves you money and provides an easy way to get your company setup with GPS tracking.

Your 10-Pack includes the following:

  • 10 Oyster2 GPS Trackers
  • 1 Month Data Plan

What happens after your first month of service?

Your 10 pack of trackers includes 1 month of service.  At the end of your first month, your credit card will automatically be charged $6.50 per tracker and your next month of service will begin.  Nothing is required from you and this is completely automatic. 

This is a pre-paid service and you can cancel or suspend your service at any time.

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 6 in

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