LST-1230SD No Monthly Fee LTE GPS Tracker


  • PINPOINT YOUR PROPERTY to within feet. Easy under-dash installation with 2 wires allows usage monitoring and real-time vehicle recovery.
  • NO CONTRACTS and no recurring monthly fees. Your initial purchase includes 2 years of unlimited service. Renew afterward for a low $49 fee per year.
  • MOTION-ACTIVATED with built-in antennas. A tamper alert is sent if the device is disturbed and has an internal backup battery.
  • LTE Cat M1 NORTH AMERICAN COVERAGE includes USA, Canada and Mexico.
  • Starter Disable is included at no additional cost

The LST-1230SD is an economical, low powered vehicle tracking device designed for hidden installations. An ideal solution for stolen vehicle recovery, auto rental and other automotive track and trace applications.

The LoneStar LST-1230SD is a professional grade GPS tracking device that uses the latest in satellite technology to track your property in real-time and with pinpoint accuracy. Simply mount the device to your asset of choice and reclaim that precious peace of mind, knowing that your item is safe and secure. In the event that you need to locate your possession, you can depend on the LST-1230SD. It’s as easy as logging in to our online dashboard, which utilizes Google Maps to give you a detailed, aerial view with a marker showing the exact location of your asset at any given time.

LoneStar LST-1230SD Benefits:

• Quickly reclaim your assets in the event of loss or theft
• Regain peace of mind knowing your property is protected
• Receive real-time alerts anywhere you have a computer or smartphone
• Movement alerts inform you the moment your item starts to travel
• Discreet, low-profile construction makes the device easy-to-hide
• Superior accuracy brings you within feet of the asset
• With LTE Cat M1 coverage across North America, thieves have no place to hide
• Free, automatic software updates without disconnecting the device

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