LST-2160 Wired GPS Tracking Device (No Monthly Fees!)



  • Monitor fleet driving activity (location, direction, speed, traffic, and more) with a GPS tracker with 100% accuracy using Google Maps so you can always find your fleet drivers.
  • Review driving routes with GPS tracking, set geofences around important driver locations (jobsite, home office, or restricted areas) and know when the vehicle is in use with the LoneStar Tracking GPS vehicle tracking device.
  • Get global 3G car tracking coverage updated every three minutes. No monthly fees with this tracking service.  Comes with 1 year of unlimited real time tracking.
  • Use LoneStar Tracking’s valuable reports and dashboard to reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption and monitor driver safety. Make more service calls and reach more customers each day.
  • Free GPS tracking mobile apps with unlimited real-time email & text message alerts. Tracker installs onto any 12v DC with three simple wires.

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The Easy and Affordable GPS Tracking System

LoneStar Tracking is an easy to-use, real-time GPS vehicle tracking solution for companies, fleets and personal vehicles. Use the LoneStar Tracking GPS tracking device to quickly identify driver locations, review driving history and monitor driver safety and performance.



Fleet Tracking has never been easier. Set up real-time alerts for speeding, idling, off-hour use and more. A powerful tool to improve your fleet’s performance and efficiency.

Detailed Reporting

Receive detailed reports from LoneStar Tracking. Using the GPS trackers, turn the data captured by your vehicles and assets into valuable insights, enabling you to improve the performance of your fleet.

Geofence Capability

The system will let you know when the vehicle enters and exits virtual boundaries that you have identified on the map (this is a Geofence). A Geofence can be an office, jobsite, or a restricted area.

Track Scheduled Maintenance

Tired of using paper to track the timing for a vehicle’s’ scheduled maintenance? With LoneStar Tracking’s built-in maintenance management system, you will never miss a tune-up or fall behind on routine fleet maintenance again.

With LoneStar Tracking you can:

Lonestar Tracking mobile gps tracking app

  • Improve Fleet Performance by quickly locating your vehicles with GPS technology.
  • Deliver Better Service by responding to customers faster and optimizing driver’s routes.
  • Monitor unsafe behaviors to increase driver safety and reduce liability risk.
  • Monitor alerts, maintenance to reduce fuel usage and idling times.
  • Coverage on the AT&T network!


No Monthly Fees, No Contracts and No Trouble.

The LST-2160 GPS tracker is bundled with 1 year of unlimited service, so you can have GPS tracking without any monthly fees.  At the end of your first year, LoneStar Tracking only charges $99 per year to continue your service.  The GPS tracker is configured to report it’s position once every 3 minutes while the ignition is running, and once per day when the ignition is OFF.  For additional tracking features such as turn detection, driver behavior and more, contact us today for a customized plan to fit your needs.

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