PioneerLTE 4G Wired Vehicle GPS Tracker GV50MA



  • Theft Recovery – Your real-time vehicle tracker will allow you to quickly locate your stolen vehicle.
  • Monitor – Watch your vehicles in real-time on your smart phone or computer.
  • Driver Behavior – Make sure your drivers are safe and treating your vehicle with care.
  • Alerts – Receive alerts for unsafe driving, vehicle theft, or many others right on your phone.

Why Choose The PioneerLTE?

If you are looking for a device that will help you monitor, protect and track all the cars, trucks, machinery, boats and other assets you own, look no further than the PioneerLTE. It is an amazing GPS tracker that is very small and easy to install. Features such as speed monitoring and an internal motion sensor that allows you to track your vehicle with precision even when its parked make it one of the best on the market. Get entering, leaving, speeding and movement alerts via email or text messages.The PioneerLTE is a complete vehicle tracking and communications device incorporating next-generation, super-sensitive GPS technology with North America coverage for installation vehicle. Internal antennas for both cellular and GPS eliminate the need for wired antennas and make the PioneerLTE mountable virtually anywhere. When it comes to the service price, there are no contracts, no hidden charges, just a payment of $19.95 per month which can be canceled at any time.

How does the PioneerLTE 4G Wired Vehicle GPS Tracker work?

GPS signals are received from the sky and these go through fabrics, plastics, under the dashboard, under the vehicle glove compartment, under the seat and so on. After that, a second signal is sent from the tracker all the way to the PioneerLTE servers giving your real time tracking via cellular networks. If there is no network coverage in the area, the PioneerLTE has a memory which will save the track until signal or coverage is restored.All information one needs can be accessed through the PioneerLTE website which works together with Google Maps. It is worth noting that the signal of this device will not work properly if it is inside a building or enclosed in metal. To get started, all you need is to connect the Positive and Negative wires, however, it is important to seek professional help if you are having problems installing it.


The LoneStar Tracking PioneerLTE Wired Vehicle GPS tracker is the premier GPS tracker.

Backup Battery

The PioneerLTE comes with a small backup battery that keeps the device running when it is disconnected from the vehicle.


Movement Alert

The LoneStar Tracking GPS tracker instantly alerts you via Email or Text message every time you vehicle begins to move

GeoFence Alert

Get instantly notified every time your vehicle GPS tracker enters or leaves a pre-defined area.


North American Coverage

LoneStar Tracking provides you with coverage all across North America on our GPS tracking devices. Simply Click the Coverage Area link above to see more details.

Lifetime warranty

To put our customers at ease, our LoneStar Tracking products come with a lifetime warranty to protect their purchase.


Unlimited GPS tracking service

Our PioneerLTE Wired Vehicle GPS Tracker units provides our customer with unlimited GPS tracking. This incredible device gives your minute by minute reports on your vehicle location and every 24 hours while stationary.



The GPS tracker comes with a manual with a clear set of instructions on how to install it easily. All you have to do is connect the positive and negative to begin tracking your vehicle. This is called Hardwired Installation.

How to use

As soon as you receive the PioneerLTE Wired Vehicle GPS tracker, it will be pre-activated and ready for installation. Please follow the installation guide to properly install the tracking device. Once complete, you can log into the LoneStar Tracking website to track the vehicle. We currently have an Android and iPhone app that you can download from the Android and iOS store respectively app sto, just search for LoneStar Tracking.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our tracking devices that we give you a 30 day money back guarantee. If at any time during your 30 days you are not completely satisfied with our service, just send the device back and we will give you a full refund.

Customer reviews

Matthew JakibekConroe, Texas (03/22/2019) “I thought it would take me a long time to install this device but it only takes a few minutes to install the gps tracker if you follow the instructions. I am satisfied and happy with my product. I bought the 1 year plan and I aim to renew it because the customer service team are amazing and my questions are dealt with promptly.”Jake KnottsNew Braunfels, Texas (05/18/2019) “I have zero complaints with this product because it is a good quality unit. It has some very nice features that have enabled me to track my car’s every movement all the time. I did not have any problems integrating this device into my vehicle and I highly recommend it to anyone out there who wants to track their car.”Glenn MarthesLittleton, Colorado (07/11/2019) “This product is the real deal, no one wants to a product that is very hard to install. This product was so easy to install and set up. This GPS device is one of the most accurate I have used when you want to search for the location of your car, and the monthly fee is very reasonable compared to other GPS systems, I would definitely recommend this product.”Christa McSparinMidland, Texas (08/27/2019) “Pretty easy install if you are tech savvy or have a good level of understanding when it comes to gadgets and electronics. The instructions are very straightforward and easy to follow because everything is nicely explained. I had no problem installing this product in my car.”JD Richards —  Buffalo, New York (08/28/2019) “Very easy to hook up to your car and it has great app that makes navigation very easy. The customer service and support team is amazing and reliable as ever. They are super fast to deal with any issues I had and are very knowledgeable.”
Choose Subscription

Month to Month, Yearly

Coverage Area

Your device is covered!  LoneStar Tracking has unique agreements with cellular carriers all across North America.  The PioneerLTE operates on LTE bands B2/B4/B5/B12/B13.

CanadaTelus Mobility, Koodo Mobile, Public Mobile302/220
CanadaBell Mobility, Virgin Mobile Canada302/610
United States of AmericaUnion Wireless310/020
United States of AmericaSprint310/120
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/160
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/200
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/240
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/250
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/260
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/270
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/310
United States of AmericaAT&T310/410
United States of AmericaCincinnati Bell310/420
United States of AmericaViaero310/450
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/490
United States of AmericaLimitless Mobile310/690
United States of AmericaIndigo Wireless311/030
United States of AmericaVerizon311/480
MexicoAT&T / Unefon334/050


5 reviews for PioneerLTE 4G Wired Vehicle GPS Tracker GV50MA

  1. Jim B.

    I received my Lonestar tracking Pioneer in just one business day from order had it installed and working in less than 4 minutes. The instructions were very clear and made wiring the unit (power and ground) effortless. Activation was simple and their customer service was beyond exceptional from
    The first time I called to inquire about more information to expediting the setup process. Thank you for the great product and support.

  2. Efrain J.

    I’m very satisfied with this tracking device is working wonderful the location is very accurate and is very easy to login to check the truck location thanks

  3. Glenna K.

    Service matters; I am not techy. I contacted Lonestar Tracking when I attempted installation of the LST tracker on an ’85 Monte Carlo. I was given clear, readily understood instructions. They are professionals at what they do. I purchased another tracker for our boat. We know where both are 24/7.

  4. United American Energy

    Works wonderfully for tracking employee movements.

  5. Ffelipe P.

    Technical support very important and efficient

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