PioneerLTE 4G Wired Vehicle GPS Tracker GV50MA

  • Easy 2 Wire Install – Installs in seconds!  Our PioneerLTE only requires that you connect the positive and negative to begin tracking
  • Small and Compact – Easy to hide, measuring only 3.4″ x 2.1″ x 0.5″
  • Updates Location Every 1 Minute – While moving, the PioneerLTE will report it’s location every 1 minute and once per day when stationary
  • Standard Fleet Tracker – The PioneerLTE offers basic tracking features at an affordable price
  • Monthly Subscription Plan – All service plans include access to our cutting edge mobile app, global 4G cellular connectivity, and support from our dedicated staff for $19.95 per month.


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Why Choose The PioneerLTE?

Protect & monitor your portfolio with car a PioneerLTE Wired Vehicle GPS tracking unit. For auto financing, car rental, classic car owners, boat owners, any 12v or 24v vehicle and more, the PioneerLTE is the premier car GPS tracker. All the features you want at low cost and no contract.The PioneerLTE is a complete vehicle tracking and communications device incorporating next-generation, super-sensitive GPS technology with global coverage for installation in any 12/24 volt mobile vehicle. Internal antennas for both cellular and GPS eliminate the need for wired antennas and make the PioneerLTE mountable virtually anywhere in the vehicle for easy, inexpensive installations.  Installation is super simple, requiring only two wires, the positive and negative. The PioneerLTE is designed to dramatically reduce cost of ownership, power and size while providing excellent field reliability.

The LoneStar Tracking PioneerLTE Wired Vehicle GPS tracker is the premier GPS tracker.

Backup Battery

The PioneerLTE includes a small backup battery which will keep the device operating in case it is diconnected from the vehicle.Movement AlertOne of our favorite features. LoneStar Tracking GPS trackers will alert you if the vehicle begins to move, by SMS or email.GeoFence Alert
Get alerted if the car GPS tracker enters or leaves a pre-defined area.

North American Coverage

Only LoneStar Tracking provides coverage all across North America on our GPS tracking devices.  Click the Coverage Area link above to see more details.

One year warranty

A 1 year warranty is provided on all products to protect your purchase.

Unlimited GPS tracking service

Get unlimited GPS tracking with our PioneerLTE Wired Vehicle GPS Tracker units.  The tracking device will automatically report the vehicle location once every 1 minute while moving and every 24 hours while stationary.


Installation is simple. The GPS tracker comes with a clear set of directions for installation. You just need to connect the tracker to a positive and negative connection in the vehicle, also known as a 2-wire install. The tracker can operate on both 12v or 24v. Red wire goes to positive, and black wire goes to negative.

How to use

Once you receive your PioneerLTE Wired Vehicle GPS tracker, it will be pre-activated and ready for installation. Please follow the installation guide to properly install the tracking device. Once complete, you can log into the LoneStar Tracking website to track the vehicle. We currently offer an Android and iPhone app that you can download from the app store, just search for LoneStar Tracking.
Choose Subscription

Month to Month, Yearly

Coverage Area

Your device is covered!  LoneStar Tracking has unique agreements with cellular carriers all across North America.  The PioneerLTE operates on LTE bands B2/B4/B5/B12/B13.

CanadaTelus Mobility, Koodo Mobile, Public Mobile302/220
CanadaBell Mobility, Virgin Mobile Canada302/610
United States of AmericaUnion Wireless310/020
United States of AmericaSprint310/120
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/160
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/200
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/240
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/250
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/260
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/270
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/310
United States of AmericaAT&T310/410
United States of AmericaCincinnati Bell310/420
United States of AmericaViaero310/450
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/490
United States of AmericaLimitless Mobile310/690
United States of AmericaIndigo Wireless311/030
United States of AmericaVerizon311/480
MexicoAT&T / Unefon334/050


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