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LST-330 Water-Resistant GPS Tracking Device



  • PINPOINT YOUR PROPERTY to within feet. Easy under-dash installation with 2 wires allows usage monitoring and real-time vehicle recovery.
  • NO CONTRACTS and no recurring monthly fees. Your initial purchase includes 2 years of unlimited service. Renew afterward for a low $49 fee per year.
  • RUGGED, WATER-RESISTANT casing is ideal for trailers, dirt bikes, ATVs and boats. The LST-330 withstands mud, splashes and impacts.
  • MOTION-ACTIVATED with built-in antennas. A tamper alert is sent if the device is disturbed and has an internal backup battery.
  • NORTH AMERICAN COVERAGE includes USA, Canada and Mexico.

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The LST-330 GPS Tracking Device is Ideal for Vehicles, Trailers, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, Boats & More.

The LoneStar LST-330 is a professional grade GPS tracking device that uses the latest in satellite technology to track your property in real-time and with pinpoint accuracy. Simply mount the device to your asset of choice and reclaim that precious peace of mind, knowing that your item is safe and secure. In the event that you need to locate your possession, you can depend on the LST-330. It’s as easy as logging in to our online dashboard, which utilizes Google Maps to give you a detailed, aerial view with a marker showing the exact location of your asset at any given time.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, its heavy-duty construction and water-resistant casing make it one of the most reliable units on the market, ideal for outdoor recreational assets. The rugged casing can withstand harsh environments including mud, splashes and impacts. Plus, it’s shock and vibration resistant according to military standards. This makes it perfectly suited for a range of applications such as vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, boats and more.

LoneStar LST-330 Benefits:

• Quickly reclaim your assets in the event of loss or theft
• Regain peace of mind knowing your property is protected
• Receive real-time alerts anywhere you have a computer or smartphone
• Movement alerts inform you the moment your item starts to travel
• Discreet, low-profile construction makes the device easy-to-hide
• Superior accuracy brings you within feet of the asset
• With coverage across North America, thieves have no place to hide
• Free, automatic software updates without disconnecting the device

LoneStar LST-330 Alerts & Notifications:

The LST-330 GPS tracking system will provide you with a variety of alerts, so you are always aware of the status of your possessions. Alerts will be sent to your online dashboard, accessible through any internet enabled devices such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. Alert types include the following:

• Real-time location
• Tamper detection
• Motion detection
• Tow detection
• Tilt detection
• Low battery notification
• Entering or exiting a geofence

A geofence is a predetermined virtual perimeter for a geographic area. You can set up to 10 geofences within your online account. An alert will be sent to you when your asset enters or exits the defined areas. Tilt detection is made possible thanks to the implemented 3-axis accelerometer. You will receive an alert if your asset is tilted more than 90 degrees or when other motion is detected. Impacts are also recognized, such as during a motor vehicle accident.

The LST-330 Outperforms Competitors:

It’s great when a GPS tracking device works when you test it.

Do you know what’s even better?

When the tracker works when your property is actually lost or stolen. We have taken measures to ensure the LST-330 will perform if and when that emergency arises.

Our tracker is built with a smart power system. The attached wiring harness allows you to use the existing battery on your asset to power the GPS unit. The tracking device remains in sleep mode and will wake up as soon as motion is detected. No power is drawn from your asset while in sleep mode. This provides maximum battery life for both the asset and the tracker.

But that’s not all:

You will be notified via an alert should the tracking device be tampered with. If someone disconnects the device, the internal backup battery will kick in providing additional time to recover your property. You will also be notified if the asset battery dies and can check the battery level through our online dashboard.

Taking it one step further, we also engineered the device so that the antennas are internal, within the unit’s casing. This provides several benefits. The internal antennas are protected from the elements as well as thieves who might attempt to disable the device. Second, it adds to the simplicity and convenience as there is no need for the extra wiring typically required for external antennas. Lastly, this makes the device inconspicuous, so it does not draw unwanted attention.

Protect your Assets Today

The waterproof LST-330 offers immediate asset protection. It’s easy to install and suitable for outdoor applications where other devices just won’t hold up. Know the exact location of your property at all times. Order the LST-330 GPS tracker today and sleep soundly tonight knowing your assets are protected.

Please Note: This device operates on the AT&T cellular network. Please be sure that you have AT&T coverage in the area that you will be using this device. To check coverage, please see the AT&T online coverage map.

What’s Included:

(1) LST-330 Waterproof GPS Tracking Device
(1) 33” Long Wiring Harness
(1) 2 Years of Unlimited Service ($49 per year thereafter)

Technical Specifications:

CasingWater and Weather Resistant
Shock & Vibration ProofAccording to Military Standards 202G & 810F, SAEJ1455
Device Weight3.5 oz (0.22 lbs)
Device Dimensions1.84” x 3.0” x 0.78”
Wiring Harness Dimensions33.0” Long
Antenna TypeInternal (Built into Casing)
Operates OnAT&T Cellular Network
Geographical CoverageNorth America: USA, Canada, Mexico
Device Warranty1 Year Manufacturer Parts Warranty


Weight1 lbs

7 reviews for LST-330 Water-Resistant GPS Tracking Device

  1. livelyel

    The LST 330 works great. The unit has to be mounted so that if the unit is moved it will wake up the tracker so it can be located.Once you log on to the site you can get a birds eye view of address.I talked to Ryan at Lonestar and he gave me all of info to install. So far a wonderful product.

  2. Jimmy Lively

    After a UTV theft I searched alot of sites for gps tracker. I found this site and ordered LST 330 unit. Was here in 2 days. Easy to install but I had some questions.Called Ryan and he went way out to help me. After all was done he followed up to see if all was ok. Now if someone steals my Kubota I can find it very easy. So far a great company to do business with. Jimmy

  3. William J Hartman

    GPS is easy to install, and app is easy to use.

  4. United American Energy

    Works wonderfully for tracking employee movements.

  5. Tracy Whitaker

    LoneStar tracking is a 5 star company in my opinion. Had a couple hickups in the begining , and they were very proactive in getting the problem resolved. I am a peeon compared to their other customers, and treated me as if I was a millon dollar customer. Very fast and best customer service hands down. I will be refering anyone I know to Lonestar.

  6. Kristal Bennett

    Easy to install, affordable cost! Don’t be a Victim of auto theft. Get yours today.

  7. Tony Velez

    Great customer service and i received a great product from them

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