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TitanLTE Wired Waterproof GPS Asset Tracker

  • Wide Operating Voltage Range 8V to 32V DC – The TitanLTE will operate on most assets including 24v military vehicles, ATV’s, Boats and trailers
  • IP67 Compliant Waterproof – It withstands water, mud, impacts and more.
  • Ruggedized Case – Allows accurate and reliable tracking in the most extreme environments
  • Updates Location Every 5 Minutes – While moving, the TitanLTE will report it’s location every 5 minutes and once per day when stationary
  • 120 Day Backup Battery – If the TitanLTE is ever disconnected from your asset or your asset’s battery dies, the TitanLTE will continue tracking for up to 120 days
  • North America Coverage – Operating on both the AT&T and T-Mobile Networks
  • Choose A Monthly or Yearly Service Plan – Flexible service plans to meet everyone’s budget and no contract, cancel at any time

We can say this confidently, ‘No other product in the market can beat the Titan LTE GPS trailer tracker.’ For this reason, we would like to encourage everyone in search of a waterproof GPS tracker to try this device. Better yet, you can research elsewhere and you will find that indeed this is the best 4G trailer tracker you will ever come across on the face of the planet.

LoneStar Tracking has consistently produced the best waterproof GPS trackers in the market serving thousands of users today. These 4G LTE GPS trackers are designed to work very well with every kind of asset available in the market. That is, from trailers, ATV’s, motorcycles or any type of outdoor equipment that would need waterproof monitoring. This new GPS trailer tracker has quite a wide range of use.

Why choose this waterproof GPS tracker device?

Let’s check why this Titan LTE GPS tracker is the best. We will look at the internal features.

  • Its Operating Voltage is quite wide and ranges from 8V to 32V DC
  • Most importantly it is Waterproof and IP67 Compliant
  • The best thing about it is that it consumes very low power, has a Long Standby Time with Internal Battery. You will easily go for months without having the need to recharge it. You can be notified either through SMS or via the mobile app when the battery is low and needs to recharge.
  • Intelligent tracking. Just on the touch of a button, your tracking opportunities are endless. The device system is integrated in a way that is flexible depending on the need of the user.
  • Real-time Tracking. If you need to monitor your assets continuously then this is the device for you. No need to worry if your assets disappear because you can easily view the position from a mobile device and track your assets every 5 minutes. If the tracker looses power, it will continue sending location information because of the large internal battery.


Installation of this 4G Trailer Tracker

If you want to install this GPS trailer tracker by yourself then you are in luck. The device comes with a complete easy to follow guide, to set up the integrated system. You will notice that the GPS receiver is built-in and it is super sensitive. In fact, this GPS tracker is waterproof, hence giving you the luxury of working in even harsh weather conditions. You will not have to worry about getting it covered by snow. The IP67 certification confirms that you are purchasing a complete waterproof GPS tracker.

With this 4g trailer tracker, you can monitor from several locations and different times. This device can be monitored from a computer or cell phone with the LoneStar Tracking mobile app.  Multiple users can log into the tracking system and monitor the location of your assets.

Reporting Data

To monitor your property, you can configure a virtual geofence so that you will receive a notification whenever a geofence is breached. What is awesome about having the Titan LTE GPS device, is that you can receive an SMS whenever there is a breach.

With this device you can preset SMS notification for the following; alarm when the battery is low, geofence alarm or a movement alarm. Most people have loved this device because of the Over The Air functionality which ensures that all software upgrades can be performed wirelessly without having to disconnect your tracker.

Reports in the system are really simple to understand. You will see simple illustrations of views, speed, idle mode, Miles driven, Geo-fence, start/stop, mileage summary, moving and many more. You do not need an interpretation to understand what is going on with your asset. It is simple and direct.

The same will be said about the setting up of the assets in the system. By going through the documentation given at purchase, you will be able to set up any number of assets. Say goodbye to drivers who misplace their trailers, you can instantly see where they were dropped. You will be able to monitor all these and increase the efficiency of your transport business.


5G v 4G  ‘Will the 4G trailer tracker continue working after the 5G Network is rolled out?


We get it. You do not want to buy technology when another is almost being rolled out. It would beat logic to have a device that works great today but will be useless in the next month. Do not worry, this GPS trailer tracker device will stay around for a long time, even after the 5G network rolls out.


4G and 5G networks will work together to help improve communication. The fact that we will have 5G does not mean that 4G will be completely useless. In fact, in most of the remote areas, there will still be a major use of 4G for a long time coming. Most of the areas with harsh weather conditions will also highly depend on the 4G even after the 5G rollout. So do not despair to get these important tracking devices.


Today, most mobile devices are 4G enabled. Making it the best network to use with mobile tracking devices. It should thus be noted that 4G will stand to be the minimum service used by the majority of people for the next 10 years.  Because of the many limitations of 5G, cellular carriers will not eliminate 4G so your investment is safe.  This is one of the many reasons to choose this 4G Trailer tracker.


Weight3.0 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 6 in
Choose Subscription

Month to Month, Yearly

Coverage Area

Your device is covered!  LoneStar Tracking has unique agreements with cellular carriers all across North America.  The TitanLTE operates on LTE bands B2/B4/B5/B12/B13.

CanadaTelus Mobility, Koodo Mobile, Public Mobile302/220
CanadaBell Mobility, Virgin Mobile Canada302/610
United States of AmericaUnion Wireless310/020
United States of AmericaSprint310/120
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/160
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/200
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/240
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/250
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/260
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/270
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/310
United States of AmericaAT&T310/410
United States of AmericaCincinnati Bell310/420
United States of AmericaViaero310/450
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/490
United States of AmericaLimitless Mobile310/690
United States of AmericaIndigo Wireless311/030
United States of AmericaVerizon311/480
MexicoAT&T / Unefon334/050


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