Immediate Benefits

See why companies choose LoneStar Tracking for their GPS Tracking and Live Video Dash Cameras


HD Evidence Captured

High-Definition cameras capture crystal clear images of the interior & exterior the vehicle.

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GPS Location Recorded

Built-in GPS provides vehicle location, driving route, vehicle speed, & heading information.

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Network Connected

Cellular connectivity provides real-time images, live location, and on-demand HD video upload.

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Event & Driver Analysis

Detailed telemetry data enables accurate scoring for driver coaching purposes and reducing claims.

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Who is LoneStar Tracking?

LoneStar Tracking differentiates itself from the competition by listening to the industry experts and applying that knowledge into a scalable platform that can grow with your organization. We understand that each organization’s operational environment is unique to their business.

Tracking Hardware

LoneStar Tracking has worked with many GPS tracking hardware vendors across the globe, and has partnered with THE two leaders in GPS tracking and camera systems, Calamp and SmartWitness. Other tracking companies may use outdated 2g trackers, or not provide real time video streaming from your dash cameras. Go with the best, and get the best equipment for your fleet.

Tracking Software

LoneStar Tracking has developed a state-of-the-art tracking platform to help you manage your fleet. We work one on one with customers to design features that are needed most, and not the additional fluf that other tracking companies put into their systems.


Real Time Dash Camera

The evidence is overwhelming: Trucks and Commercial fleets are found to be at fault at a much lower rate than private car drivers when there is an road incident. Commercial fleet owners and drivers can protect themselves and save time & costs with the concrete evidence LoneStar Tracking technology provides. LoneStar Tracking combines the ease of use and simple form factor of a “dash camera” with the added security, technology, and feature set of a more expensive mobile DVR.


More than just video…

Aside from HD video, LoneStar Tracking records crucial evidence associated with all road events. Audio, vehicle speed, time/date, direction, & detailed driving behaviors such as harsh braking, fast acceleration, and hard turning are all recorded for further analysis. Our system can also interface with vehicle sensors such as left/right indicators, brakes, reverse, car horn, taxi meters, lights, stop arms, RPM, door locks, & more.


Frequently Asked Questions

New to GPS Tracking? Here are a few common questions and answers to help you along your way.

What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

The commercial applications of GPS tracking are many. GPS fleet tracking, specifically, enables fleet managers to locate, track, and monitor their fleet of vehicles on a real-time basis.

How Does a GPS Vehicle Tracking System Work?

A GPS tracking unit is first attached to the object (vehicle, trailer, or asset) to be tracked. Every 2 minutes your location info is transmitted via cellular networks to the LoneStar Tracking servers, and made available for your display.

What is an Event Driven Tracking System?

Our GPS trackers are programmed to transmit information every 2 minutes to our servers. However, with event driven tracking, updates occur much more frequently. Every time there is an event, such as speeding, harsh breaking, harsh acceleration etc, your location and alert type is sent to our server.

Is a GPS Tracking System Hard to Install?

Installing a LoneStar Tracking system is actually quite easy. Our OBD-II plug-n-play tracking system takes less than 30 seconds to install, and doesn’t require any tools. We also offer certified installers across the entire United States, and have partnered with many Car Audio stores to provide a turn-key install.

Can I Conceal the GPS Tracking System from My Drivers?

That is your decision. The GPS tracking unit is small, discrete, and does not make any sounds, so it could be easily installed where drivers would not detect their presence.

Can We Get Similar GPS Tracking Results With Cell Phones?

No. Cell Phones rely on local towers to determine their location. Thus, areas with limited cellular coverage have limited (if any) geolocation capabilities. GPS Trackit’s vehicle tracking solution utilizes a network of GPS satellites that are always available, 24/7/365, anywhere on Earth. Remember, you are wanting to track the vehicle, not the cell phone that can easily be removed.

Why Choose LoneStar Tracking?

Every business has its unique needs and challenges, which is why “one-size-fits-all” solutions often fall short. LoneStar Tracking offers scalable, customizable fleet management solutions to ensure fleets of every size and type can enjoy the benefits of GPS tracking.


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