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Instant Movement Alerts

Receive an instant notification as soon as your asset begins to move, right on your smart phone, so you can be ready to act immediately.

Easy To Use

You can easily track your assets with your phone, tablet or a computer. Our tracking app is available for both Android and iPhone.

Amazing Battery Life

Our gps trackers have the longest battery life in the industry. 5+ years of battery along with 5 minute location updates!

Driver Score Card

Our vehicle trackers not only monitor the location, but they also give you detailed information on how your vehicle is being driven.

Mobile App or Computer

With LoneStar Tracking, you can easily watch your assets in real-time using our Android or iPhone app, or via your computer.

Real Time Tracking

Our vehicle tracking devices have the ability to provide real-time location reports, while our asset trackers can provide 5 minute updates.

Relax, Your Assets Are Protected

No matter where you are, your GPS Tracker will have up to 72 satellites monitoring its location at all times.

Our Products

Our most reliable and dependable GPS trackers


- 5G Cellular
- 3 AA Batteries
- 5 Year Battery Life


- Wired GPS
- Backup Battery
- 60 Second Updates


- Wired Vehicle Tracker
- 30 Second Updates
- Driver Behavior


- Solar Powered
- 60 Second Updates
- 10+ Year Life

Oyster3 Battery GPS Tracker

Our most popular Battery Powered Asset Tracker that runs on 3 AA batteries and can provide up to 10 years of tracking before needing to replace the batteries.

Yabby Edge Battery GPS Tracker

The Yabby Edge has the same amazing features as the OysterLTE, except it's half the size.  Small enough to hide in the tail lights of your trailer and can provide up to 10 years battery life.

TitanLTE Wired GPS Tracker

Looking for the most rugged and dependable Wired GPS Tracker, then the TitanLTE is your choice.  It can handle anything you can throw at it and it will keep on tracking, and includes a backup battery pack.

Scorpion Wired Vehicle GPS Tracker

Are you looking for the most advanced vehicle tracker on the market?  The ScorpionLTE offers the fastest updates and driver score cards and a super easy 2-wire install.

SolarMAX XL Solar Powered Asset Tracker

The SolarMAX XL GPS Tracker is our rugged and waterproof asset tracker powered by the sun.  1 minute updates across North America

DiscoveryLTE OBD-2 Vehicle GPS Tracker

The easiest Plug-N-Play vehicle tracking system on the market.  In less than 30 seconds you can add a professional tracking system to any 1997 or newer vehicle.


Having tried a different tracking system, this units beats it 100%. The support staff are really great, if you have a problem. I hid my tracker under the back seat of a car. It gives me direct locations of car. Audible alarms when car starts/stops. It's great for my needs!
-Barry A
I've been through several tracking devices for my Cargo Trailer, and have struggled with them because of the metal walls and roof. This unit is not only working perfectly inside my trailer, but it is much more accurate than I ever expected it to be. Add to that the tracking map and movement alerts in this thing performs as advertised.
-Randy Baker
Best product for sure and their customer service and tech support was incredible! They care and walked me through every step of the way. If ya need a gps tracker for extra security and or fleet services as well as peace of mind then this is it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Thanks! Lonestar!

Unmatched Battery Life

Others claim amazing battery life, but what they don’t tell you is that their trackers only report location once per day.  The LoneStar Tracking units can report as fast as every 30 seconds which will allow you to quickly and easily recover your asset if stolen.

battery powered gps trackers

Instant Movement Alerts

Imagine receiving an alert on your cell phone the instant your asset is stolen.  You would have the ability to stop the thief and recover your goods before it even left your property.  Our tracking devices give you this technology right in the palm of your hand.

Driver Score Cards

Our vehicle trackers not only monitor the location of your vehicles, but they also give you important details about how your drivers are treating your equipment.  Each driver is given a score card that accurately represents how they are driving your equipment.  Easily locate drivers that need additional training and reward those that don’t.

Cell phone gps

Mobile App or Computer

With LoneStar Tracking, you can easily watch your assets in real-time using our Android or iPhone app, or via your computer.  Receive instant alerts of movement, low battery or geofence breaks right on your phone via push alerts, SMS or E-Mails.

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Take control of your GPS trackers with our mobile app for Android and iPhone.

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