GPS Tracking Made Easy

Easy to use, quick to install and available on your smartphone.

GPS Vehicle Trackers can help you monitor your vehicle location, driver behavior and reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

A Boat GPS Tracking Device will allow you to monitor your bilge, battery and other critical systems from your smart phone.

Asset GPS Trackers allow you to monitor engine hours, location and behavior of your asset from your smart phone.

Watch a live video stream of your drivers and get instantly notified if there is an accident.  

Remotely monitor and control pumps, valves, tanks and other field equipment from your smart phone.

Use your phone,
To manage your fleet.

Did you know that small business owners all over the United States are using their phones to track their fleet and take control of their assets?  LoneStar Tracking connects your vehicles to your smartphone – so that you can track vehicle locations, view driver behavior and track vehicle maintenance. 

Advanced Security of the Smartone Solar

Unlimited updates

Vehicle GPS tracking plans as low as $11 per month month for a single message per day, with options to upgrade to unlimited tracking at 1 message every 5 minutes

Solar powered

Deploy your asset without the worry of a failing battery. The Smartone Solar has both a built-in solar panel and battery pack to give the unit 10 years of service life

Intrinsically safe

The ONLY asset tracker that meets OSHA Hazard Location Classification of Class 1, HERO, MIL-STD-810G, IP67K and CSA STD C22.2, CSA 157-92 (Class1 Div1) standards

Satellite powered

Coverage on the cutting edge Globalstar Network from the North to South Pole. No cellular service is required.

Smartone Solar GPS Tracker

LoneStar Tracking can help you affordably manage your companies assets and vehicles, protect your personal and business property, track and monitory your assets and even keep an eye on loved ones.  We provide our clients with cutting edge GPS Tracking technology that thousands of people, businesses, law enforcement and government agencies have come to trust.

LoneStar Tracking has an extensive selection of cutting edge GPS Tracking devices to keep you connected to your asset both locally or across the globe.  Our mobile app and web interface provide an easy to use, high resolution, real time GPS Tracking Platform that includes detailed history, alerts and notifications, real time updates, geo-fencing and many more options. 

Each LoneStar Tracking device is designed to work right out of the box and includes both network and FCC certifications.  Our expert technical team is always here to assist you with installation or answer any pre-sales questions that you may have.

Whether your requirements are business or personal, LoneStar Tracking has a GPS Tracking Device that will fit your needs without hurting your wallet. 

Protect Your Property Before It gets

Imagine waking up for work one morning only to discover that your car is not in the driveway.  Your only means of transportation has been stolen.  By the time you contact the authorities, it’s already too late.   

There is a simple solution to this problem, GPS Trackers.  By taking action now and installing a small, affordable and easy to use tracking device on your assets, you can be sure that if your assets are ever stolen, you have the power to locate and recover them before it’s too late!

Instantly gain access to our powerful GPS Tracking system and our expert technical team to help you choose the right tracking device for your asset today!

Join Thousands of People

Thousands of happy customers keep returning to LoneStar Tracking because of our outstanding customer service and technical support.  However, we also offer many advantages that other GPS tracking companies can’t offer. LoneStar Tracking has the ability to provide tracking coverage anywhere on the planet, we have tracking devices that have a 10 year battery life, and we never require a contract.

Download a Free GPS Tracking Buyers Guide

Our 13 page buyers guide can help guide you through the complex process of choosing a GPS tracking system for your business.
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