Water Trough Monitoring System

$100.00 / year and a $400.00 sign-up fee

Remotely Monitor Your Water Trough or Water Tanks


Water levels are automatically recorded twice per day

Global Coverage

100% Satellite based - No need for cell service

Battery Powered

Runs on 2 AA batteries for up to 5 years

Any Size Tank

Accurately measure water levels in any size tank

water trough sensor

Easy To Install

No float switches or other mechanical items that can get broken or be time consuming to install.  The LoneStar Tracking tank monitor uses Hydrostatic Pressure to measure the amount of water inside the tank.  No moving parts means nothing to break or wear out.

Simply place the sensor inside your water tank and mount the module outside of the tank.  The external module will take a reading twice per day and send water levels via satellite.

Low Water Level Alerts and Notifications

Our software will automatically notify you if water levels drop below a pre-defined level, all configurable from our website.  If water levels drop, you will be notified via SMS and Email.  Once water levels are restored, you will also be notified that tank conditions have returned to “normal”.  

Instant Theft Alerts

Water Tank Software

Water tank monitoring software

Historical Water Tank Levels

water tank levels

Direct-To-Satellite Sensing

Your water tanks can be located in West Texas, the North Pole or anywhere else on the globe.  No need for cellular networks, the LoneStar Tracking tank monitor send measurements directly to satellites orbiting overhead.  Data is recorded twice per day and send directly to our software. 

Tank monitoring doesn’t have to be expensive or complex

From reducing costs by millions of dollars through operational efficiency improvements to saving the lives of thousands of cattle through timely water monitoring, IoT enabled tank monitoring is critical technology; you know that, we know that.

Robust, Cutting-Edge Technology

Imageine the time you will save and the peace of mind you will have by automating tank monitoring.  Two measurements are taken per day and sent directly to your phone or computer.  And no need to constantly Have questions about our satellite based water tank monitoring system?  Reach out to one of our experts today via phone, email or chat.  

Weight 1.5 lbs

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