• Waterproof GPS Trackers
  • Battery Powered or Wired
  • Compatible With Waverunner, Jet Ski and Sea Doo
  • GeoFence and Low Battery Alerts


With our technologically advanced jet ski GPS tracking devices, keeping tabs on your investment has never been easier.

Our high quality trackers make monitoring your jet ski for theft and unauthorized use a breeze. In addition to the security features the tracker provides, there are also features that add additional conveniences to your life. You can keep track of runtime, routes, stay on top of your maintenance and more.

The best part? It’s all trackable from the palm of your hand with our handy app that can be used on your smartphone or computer. Get real time text messages, alerts and emails for geofences, battery status, speeding,
maintenance items and more.


Multiple Real Time GPS tracking devices are available for your Jet Ski that are all waterproof and give you real time tracking information. Whether on the water or being towed behind a car, the tracker is always on giving you peace of mind.

jet ski gps tracker with map


At Lonestar Tracking, we offer both wired and battery powered tracking options for your jet ski. We’ll break down some of the key features of each to help you decide which option best suits your needs.

Additionally, our friendly and knowledgeable tracking experts are always on hand to answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect tracker for your jet ski.


  • Can be mounted anywhere above the waterline
  • Can be integrating with the ignition for operating hours
  • Wired directly to your Jet Ski battery
  • Remotely monitor your jet ski battery voltage and receive an alert if low
  • Sends location once every 5 minutes while moving


  • Batteries can last up to 7 years
  • Can be mounted anywhere above the waterline
  • No wires to connect, just install AA batteries and start tracking
  • Sends location once every 5 minutes while moving


gps alerts for jet skis

Our jet ski GPS trackers have the ability to monitor your PWC’s battery and alert you if it is running low.  This prevents a trip to the lake with a dead battery.  With our wired GPS trackers, you can configure an alert to notify you of the low battery condition. 

Do you keep your Jet Ski outside?  Many people leave their ski on a trailer which is easy for someone to steal.  Our gps trackers offer movement alerts that will notify you if your jet ski ever moves. 

Every day PWCs are stolen and never returned to the original owner. The solution is to be proactive and install a Jet Ski GPS tracker that will automatically notify you of theft. The battery life of our trackers is amazing and have the ability to last up to 7 years. We also utilize an ultra sensitive GPS Receiver that not only uses the America GPS system, but also the European, Russian and Chinese navigation systems. This mean you will always get an exact location of your PWC at any time any where. 

Using a computer or smartphone, you are able to see the exact location of your ski in google maps in real time. Our tracking system has the ability to alert you immediately if your ski ever leaves your property. Text message, email or app notification, your jet ski is protected.

The Best Jet Ski GPS Tracker Selection

At Lonestar Tracking we offer the best selection of GPS trackers for your jet ski. We understand that you need to protect your investment and our team is truly passionate about making that possible.

Our state of the art trackers combine both convenience and security to give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your jet ski to its fullest!

We make keeping your jet ski safe and running optimally easy so you can enjoy your time spent out on the water and have peace of mind that your jet ski is safe when you’re not with it.

Our trackers are:

  • High quality and feature the latest in tracking technology
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Extremely durable
  • Convenient and easy to use app on your computer or smart phone
  • List Item

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