SmartOne C – Global Battery Powered GPS Tracker


From: $29.99 / month and a $184.00 sign-up fee

  • Manufactured to military specifications for quality and durability MIL STD 810/IP68
  • Quick installation: Use the included industrial adhesives, brackets or screw
    mounts for installation
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries (included) or an optional external cable
  • Global coverage on the Globalstar Satellite Network
  • Price includes the Globalstar $30 activation fee

SmartOne C Global Battery Powered Satellite GPS Tracker

In this modern day and age, your organization’s activities extend across the world stage, so when it comes to asset tracking, you need a device with global capabilities.

The SmartOne C is a battery powered satellite GPS tracking device that can grow with your business model to perform asset tracking and monitoring services anywhere in the world.  Harness the latest technology to intelligently manage both fixed and mobile assets. Receive alerts that you customize according to your specific requirements, to ensure your assets are secure and that your business operations are running efficiently and as planned.

While the commercial uses for this device are limitless, it’s popular in a number of industries such as government, transportation and logistics, oil and gas, and mining. Designed to military specifications, the SmartOne C can withstand the harshest weather conditions making it suitable for use in any environment. It’s resistant to the elements including dust and water.

This device can be used to track assets including vehicles, boats, railcars, trailers, shipping containers, construction equipment, cargo units, fuel tanks and more.


SmartOne C Benefits:

• Out-of-the-box functionality
• Simple installation with mounting hardware or industrial tape
• Powered by standard AAA batteries (or hardwired)
• Low battery alert to ensure uninterrupted power
• Compact, discreet construction for covert usage
• Global coverage to track your assets anytime, anywhere
• Automatic alerts keep you informed 24/7, 365 days a year

SmartOne C Alerts & Notifications:

The SmartOne C global tracker utilizes motion sensors, comparative GPS positions, as well as custom configured sensors to obtain and transmit data to the GlobalStar satellite network. That data is then transported through the internet to the LoneStar Tracking application server. At this stage, the data is decoded and then it’s made available to the end user. You may receive notifications by e-mail, text message (SMS) or through the LoneStar online dashboard.

Alert Types:

• Location reports
• Movement and change of location (theft recovery)
• Vibration sensor reports on start/stop of motion
• Entering or exiting a geofence
• Battery status (low battery alert)
• Diagnostic messages

Alert Features:

• 12 different reporting times
• Interval or 24-hour operation mode
• Alternate reporting schedules
• Reduced messaging mode for cost-savings

Real-World Example:

The following details an example of how this global GPS tracking device can be used in a commercial application.

A rail transportation company wants to track several of their freight trains as they routinely travel between Chicago, Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana. They make several stops along the way. The company would like to be notified regarding the location of the freight train once every hour. Additionally, they want to know when the train leaves one station and enters the next, as well as how long the train remains stopped at each station. They would also like to occasionally check in on the speed of the trains to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

To customize the notification settings to meet these demands, this rail transportation company would sign up for the 24 locates per day plan. This will provide them with a location report every hour. Geofences would be set up within a given radius around each train station, so the company is notified whenever the train enters or leaves said station. The online dashboard provides the duration of time the train has been stopped at one station for the loading and unloading of freight. The motion/vibration sensor will show movement reports as the train travels between the target locations. A compliance officer can also utilize the online dashboard to check the speed of the train at any given time.

Improve the Management of Your Assets

Work smarter, not harder by adopting the latest breakthrough in asset management technology.  Our battery powered asset tracking device will provide you with beneficial data you can use to maximize the efficiency of your operations. Not to mention, any assets equipped with the global GPS tracker instantly acquire an added layer of security. Customizable to your exact needs, the SmartOne C will prove itself to be an invaluable resource to your organization. Order yours today or contact us to find out how this device can work for your specific application.

What’s Included:

(1) SmartOne C Global Satellite GPS Tracker
(1) Mounting Bracket and Hardware
(1) 3M VHB Mounting Adhesive
(4) AAA Energizer Lithium Batteries

Optional Accessories:

This device has the ability to be powered by a hardwired cable (sold separately). This allows the device to draw power from any powered asset that has a 12v DC power source such as a vehicle or truck. As a precaution, if power is ever lost, the device will revert to the internal batteries as a backup.  Looking for a solar powered tracker?  We also carry the SmartOne Solar for the GlobalStar Network.

Battery Life Expectancy:

Check-in FrequencyEstimated Battery Life
Every 24 Hours750 Days
Every 12 Hours500 Days
Every 8 Hours400 Days
Every 4 Hours200 Days
Every 1 Hour80 Days

Technical Specifications:

CasingCompact, Dust & Water Resistant
StandardsSAE J1455 MIL STD 810
NEMA 4X / IP68
RoHS Compliant
CertificationsANATEL Certification for Brazil
FCC CFR Parts 15 and 25
Industry Canada
CE Mark (European Certification)
COFETEL (Pending)
Operating TemperatureRecommended: -30° to +60° C
Note: Unit can be used in the -40° to +85° range,
however battery life and RF signal may degrade
Device Weight
(with 4 batteries & mounting hardware)
3.6 oz (0.23 lbs)
Device Dimensions (w/ brackets)2.7” (H) x 3.25” (W) x 1” (D)
Battery Type4 Standard AAA 1.5V Lithium Batteries
(over 1.5 years run-time)
Satellite TypeGlobal LEO Satellite Operation
Operates OnGlobalstar Simplex Data Network
Geographical CoverageGlobal Coverage, See Coverage Map
Manufactured ForPowered, Non-Powered, Fixed and Mobile Assets
Warranty1 Year Manufacturer Warrant
Data SheetSmartone C Data Sheet
Weight0.3 lbs
Number Of Locates

Every 8 Hours, Every 5 Minutes


Power Cable

Subscription Length

Monthly, Yearly

Coverage Area

Service Plans

Monthly SmartOne C Satellite Network Service Fees

1 Check-in Per Day: $11.00 per month
2 Check-ins Per Day: $14.50 per month
3 Check-ins Per Day: $16.25 per month
6 Check-ins Per Day: $18.25 per month
24 Check-ins Per Day: $29.95 per month

Unlimited Plan : Please call for custom configuration and pricing.


Estimated Battery Life (AAA batteries):

Check-in every 24 hours – 750 Days
Check-in every 12 hours – 500 Days
Check-in every 8 hours – 400 Days
Check-in every 4 hours – 200 Days
Check-in every 1 hour – 80 Days


* Please keep in mind that the service plan that you choose can not be changed. Upon order, LoneStar Tracking will program the SmartOne C to match your chosen service plan. Once the device ships, we are unable to change the programming of the device. If you wish to change your service plan, you will be required to ship the device back to LoneStar Tracking for re-programming.


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