The RetrieverLTE Waterproof Battery Powered Rechargeable GPS Tracking Device


Starting at $114.90

  • Recover Your Asset – If your asset is ever stolen, you can easily locate and recover it in minutes.
  • Monitor – Track and Monitor your asset from your cell phone or computer in real-time.
  • 24/7 Protection – Your tracker will monitor your asset 24/7 with real time alerts.
  • Movement Alert – If your asset is moved, you will instantly receive an alert on your phone.
  • Easy Install – No wires to connect and a magnetic backing makes this the easiest tracker to install.
  • Frequent Updates – The RetrieverLTE will update it’s location every 5 minutes while moving.

Finally, A Battery Powered GPS Tracker That Actually Works.

Lonestar Tracking’s devices are top of the line and state of the art to ensure your assets are protected. If you have trailers, commercial equipment, or any type of outdoor asset, the RetrieverLTE is right there for you.  This device is battery powered and can last for up to 4 years at 1 check-in per day

The tracking system will automatically send you a notification when the battery is low and all you need to do is recharge the device. Having a super long battery life means you can mount it and forget it. No wires to connect and the easiest install possible. But, don’t be fooled by its super long battery life, the performance of this low profile device is outstanding.  It will alert you as soon as your asset is on the move and has pinpoint accuracy within feet that are covered across North America!


  • Updates Every 5 Minutes While Moving
  • Low Profile and Easy To Hide
  • Free Software Updates
  • Long Battery Life
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
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When installing your tracking device, keeping it hidden from others is key.  The low profile and magnetic backing make it easy to hide the tracker under your trailer or asset.   The RetrieverLTE also uses rechargeable batteries so you never need to purchase new ones.  Several months before the battery dies, you will receive a text message and email reminding you to recharge the tracker.

Alerts and Notifications

The alerts come through your phone or computer and can be sent to email or SMS.  When the RetrieverLTE begins to move, the device will wake up and alert you of movement.  Having an instant notification that your asset is on the move can mean the difference in recovering your asset or not.

Battery Life

The RetrieverLTE comes with a rechargeable battery that has amazing life.  At 1 locate per day, the device is able to continue running for up to 4 years before needing to be recharged.  Because the RetrieverLTE has a 3 axis accelerometer, it goes into a “sleep” mode when it’s not moving. This saves the batteries energy by being in an ultra-low power state.  Select the “battery life” tab above to see estimates.

Internal or External Charging Port

Our RetrieverLTE has the option for an internal or external charging port.  The main difference between the two options is that the internal port is completely IP67 Waterproof while the external port is only water resistant.  If you choose the internal charge port, you will need to open your tracker (see directions under the Download section above) to recharge the tracker.  If you choose the external port, simply plug a charger into the tracker and your good to go!  Have questions about the two options and which is best for you?  Ask one of our experts by calling us or using the chat below.

Features Of The RetrieverLTE

There are several built-in key features to the RetrieverLTE, which should be taken into consideration when purchasing.  This device was very well thought out, as you don’t have to retrieve it for any software updates or recharge the batteries frequently.  However, it has more smarts built in!


  • Unlimited Geofences
  • Route History
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Movement Alert
  • Coverage Across North America

Whats Included?

  • (1) RetrieverLTE Tracking Device
  • (1) Charging Cable
  • (1) Android or iPhone Tracking App
Weight0.7 lbs
Service Plan

Monthly, Yearly

Magnetic Mounting Bracket


Charging Port

Internal – Waterproof, External – Water Resistant

Coverage Area

Your device is covered!  LoneStar Tracking has unique agreements with cellular carriers all across North America.  The RetrieverLTE operates on LTE bands B2/B4/B5/B12/B13.

CanadaTelus Mobility, Koodo Mobile, Public Mobile302/220
CanadaBell Mobility, Virgin Mobile Canada302/610
United States of AmericaUnion Wireless310/020
United States of AmericaSprint310/120
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/160
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/200
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/240
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/250
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/260
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/270
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/310
United States of AmericaAT&T310/410
United States of AmericaCincinnati Bell310/420
United States of AmericaViaero310/450
United States of AmericaT-Mobile310/490
United States of AmericaLimitless Mobile310/690
United States of AmericaIndigo Wireless311/030
United States of AmericaVerizon311/480
MexicoAT&T / Unefon334/050



Battery Life

The RetrieverLTE is a battery powered GPS tracker and will require recharging after the battery dies.  Below are some estimates for battery life with the RetrieverLTE:

5 Minute Updates While Moving (Motion Detect)

Number Of Location ReportsExpected Battery Life
1 (5 minutes of moving per day)2.6 Years
2 (10 minutes of moving per day)2.02 Years
3 (15 minutes of moving per day)1.4 Years
8 (40 minutes of moving per day)0.87 Years
24 (120 minutes of moving per day)0.34 Years

Fixed Checkin Intervals (custom order)

Number Of Location ReportsExpected Battery Life
1 (once every 24 hours)7.66 Years
2 (once every 12 hours)4.31 Years
4 (once every 6 hours)2.30 Years
8 (once every 3 hours)1.19 Years
24 (once per hour)0.41 Years


6 reviews for The RetrieverLTE Waterproof Battery Powered Rechargeable GPS Tracking Device

  1. Jason W.

    When I installed the tracker it wasn’t immediately getting a signal so I called and I was easily able to contact someone who walked me thru the process and assisted in getting this set up correctly.

  2. Braydon A.

    I easily installed this product to my atv 4 wheeler and costumer service was right there to help me activate it, It alerts me when 4 wheeler is started or is being moved/pulled. It has many different great features!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! THANK YOU LONESTAR!!

  3. Josh F.

    So far, works well. Customer service is also quick at activating the account

  4. Shane W.

    Easy to install. Great customer service after install.

  5. JD P.

    Works wonderfully for tracking asset movements.

  6. Jody P.

    Three things stand out to me. First, is the customer service. Amazing. Second is the battery life and third is how fast the unit updates it’s location.
    Our company was using another product that only updated location once per day. It was junk. Two thumbs up for lonestar!

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