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Backpack Tracker for kids with GPS

Parents worry about their children, especially when new challenges are ahead.  Children are faced with many unknowns every new school year. Making new friends, transitioning to a new school and schedule are only a few new experiences that can effect a child’s’ school year.  The GL300 GPS backpack tracker is the solution to help you and your child ease back into the new school year.

Backpack GPS Tracker
Backpack Tracker

Keep your “eyes” on your child with the backpack tracker.  You will take comfort in knowing your child’s well-being, while your child doesn’t feel alone.  You are only a button away from your child when they may feel uncomfortable.  Also, when your child’s backpack is moving, the backpack tracker system updates every 2 minutes.  Knowing Mom or Dad is “with” them will help your child relax and focus on school.

Why Choose LoneStar Tracking’s GL300 Backpack Tracker?

Many parents have already benefited from the GL300 backpack tracker device.  Stephanie, a single mother of one, recently purchased the device to help her keep track of her 6-year-old boy while at school.  The GL300 enables parents to real-time monitor their children (carrying their backpack) using any smart device or computer.

“My son rides the school bus when I am unable to take him. The ride is about an hour. I know when my son gets on or off the bus and where the bus is located while he is riding. I worry less about him when I know where he is.” said Stephanie. “He also needs medication at specific times during the day. I know what time he took his bag to the nurse’s office and medication is given. This has eliminated any question of if or when my son received important timely medical care.”

Sending your child back-to school can bring up many more issues.  Safety to and from school, security during school, overall health, teen driving and cost of personal items only scratch the surface when it comes to parental worries.

Protect Your Child wtih LoneStar Tracking’s GL300 Backpack Tracker.

Unfortunately, bullying and violence are one of the most worrisome issues for too many parents these days.  A “panic button” on the tracking device will alert you or a teacher if your child is uncomfortable or in danger.  Walking or taking the bus to or from school or on school field trips you can monitor your child wherever they carry their backpack.  The GL300 backpack tracker will give you peace of mind while your child is going to, during or leaving school.  Your child’s overall safety is the #1 priority.  Report bullying and violence in schools

Health is another main concern for your child.  Many children require medical treatment at specific times during the day.  Know exactly what time your child was receiving the medication, whether it is a breathing treatment, oral medication or whatever else your child may need.  Just put the backpack tracker in the bag (or item) your child will need to take to the nurses office; there is no more wondering if your child received prompt treatment.

Monitor your child’s activity level while wearing their backpack.  Back-to-school may mean back to minimal exercise.  The GL300 backpack tracker enables you to pull up a “history” of your child’s exercise while wearing the backpack from the past days, weeks or months.

gl300 GPS tracker placed under a car
GL300 in waterproof magnetic case can be put anywhere on a vehicle.

Teen drivers can easily be distracted too often resulting in car accidents.  “Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens” (CDC).  Fortunately, such accidents can be prevented.  GPS tracking devices can be placed in multiple locations on a vehicle to monitor more than just location.  Your teen’s driving behavior, speed, harsh acceleration or breaking and geofences are only a few of aspects that can be monitored from your computer or smart device.   

The cost of backpacks and its contents rise every year.  Books, supplies, school projects, personal items, medications, etc. are expensive to replace.  By placing the Backpack tracker in your child’s backpack it can easily be found when child “misplaces” it.  Save time, money and the headache that comes with a misplaced or stolen item.

Backpack GPS Tracking Device
Features of the GL300 Backpack Tracker.

The GL300 child backpack tracker will easily fit in a pocket of a backpack, bag, purse, stuffed animal, wheelchair, etc.  Battery life lasts up to 14 days, a message will be sent to you when the battery is running low alerting you to charge the device. The GL300 is a 4G tracking device that uses many cellular networks for maximum coverage.  This tracking device fits in a rugged waterproof case to ensure protection against the elements.

LoneStar Tracking provides a variety of tracking devices and service plans to suit your specific needs.  We offer battery powered, wired and OBDII units to track and monitor your vehicles.  One of the main differences between the 3 types is the OBDII units (for example the LST 2260 GPS tracking device) can monitor more driver behaviors.  For example, harsh acceleration or breaking, sharp turns, impact detection and more.  Cables are available to connect the OBDII units more permanently in a variety of different places on a vehicle.  LoneStar Tracking can customize your GPS solution to suit your specific needs.  Please call (877)777-8636 for more information, or help with purchasing a backpack tracker for your child.

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