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Remote Monitoring Systems

LoneStar Tracking is an industry leader in providing monitoring and tracking solutions for the energy sector.  With a large selection of monitoring devices to choose from, including intrinsically safe devices, LoneStar Tracking can provide remote monitoring of tank battery storage facilities, gas, oil, and water flow meters, pressure, frac tanks, mobile or fixed compressors, generators, pumps, and other assets.  While other remote monitoring companies utilize cellular networks for their connectivity, LoneStar Tracking has access to 74 low earth orbiting satellites to guarantee data delivery anywhere on the globe, usually for less than conventional cellular or Scada connections.

System Highlights:

  • Intrinsically safe monitoring devices available
  • Global coverage
  • Monitor mobile equipment such as pumps, tanks, compressors, generators and more
  • Easy installation and solar powered units available
  • Software will immediately provide notifications via email or SMS
  • GPS tracking is included with all monitoring packages
  • Flexible and intuitive software that can provide historical data on each piece of equipment
  • Automatically be notified of scheduled maintenance tasks, such as compressor or generator oil changes
  • Reports can be automatically emailed every day to an unlimited number of recipients
  • Access your data in real time via a computer or smart phone
  • Located in Houston Texas for quick dispatch to the field for installation or repair
For more information on the LoneStar Tracking remote monitoring systems, contact one of our representatives today toll free 1-877-777-8636

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