Dash Camera with Live Streaming

Live 3g dash camera on truck

Live Dash Camera When You Need Eyes In The Sky

To best serve our customers, LoneStar Tracking is a proud carrier of SmartWitness’ audio and visual camera systems.  A 360° outside view of a vehicle provides maximum protection against vandalism, theft and accident claims.  Inside the vehicle you can monitor driver and passenger behavior providing maximum safety while in use.  When motion is detected, the system begins an audio and visual record history able to be viewed from any smart phone or computer.  This vehicle black box car camera system is designed especially for taxis, limos, fleet, commercial and high-end personal vehicles.

LoneStar Tracking Benefits All Parties Involved in Road Incidents

 Smart Witness 360 degree camera

360° Field of View

SmartWitness camera lenses capture the entire front and peripheral views of the road ahead for maximum evidence capture.

Cellular Data Transfer

LoneStar Tracking offers 3G/WiFi/LTE enabled systems which provide instant video and driving data within minutes of an accident or road event

Automated & Secure

LoneStar Tracking products are designed for automatic power-up, operation, and shutdown.  Our tamper-resistant design reduces driver interference.

Multiple Cameras

Connect 1,2,3, or 4 cameras per vehicle for maximum recording capture and increase blind-spot visibility for drivers.

Smart G-Force Sensor

Integrated 3-Axis G-Force sensors provide detailed impact & driving behavior data. G-Forces auto-calibrate & are customizable per axis.

Telematics Integration

Our camera system is designed to work seamlessly with the LoneStar Tracking software package

Built-in GPS

GPS provides crucial evidence in all road events such as vehicle location, speed, direction, and accurate time/date, and driving routes.

Audio Recording

Built-in microphones record crisp, clear audio inside the vehicle. Audio recording can be easily turned off in the settings.


From dual SD card redundancy to automatic SD formatting & system health checks, SmartWitness ensures your road events are recorded & retained.