GPS Drone Tracker

GPS Drone Tracker

GPS Drone Tracking
GPS Drone Tracker

Did you know that 33% of Drone owners loose their Drones?  LoneStar Tracking has created a GPS Drone Tracker to help you keep track of your expensive quad-coper. 

Any good drone pilot knows that there are many reasons your drone could get out of your control.  Having a GPS Drone Tracker on board has become a necessity when a replacement drone can cost several thousand dollars!  The best solution is to be prepared ahead of time with a Drone GPS Tracker.

  • Fighting the Wind
  • Radio Interference
  • Faulty Firmware Upgrade
  • Loss of Connections
  • Piloting Error
  • Software Glitches
  • Loss of Line of Sight
  • Bad GPS Data

For only a couple of dollars a month, you can be assured that your drone will make it home with you safely after each flight.  The GL300 is the perfect solution for a GPS drone tracker!