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SmartOne C Global Battery Powered Satellite GPS Tracker

From: $11.00 / month and a $184.00 sign-up fee

  • Quick installation: Use the included industrial adhesives, brackets or screw
    mounts for installation
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries (included) or an optional external cable
  • Global coverage on the Globalstar Satellite Network
  • Price includes the Globalstar $30 activation fee
  • IP68 Rated / MIL STD 810




SmartOne C – Battery Powered Satellite Asset Tracker

You work hard to obtain your assets, why not maximize the security of your hard earned valuables?  The SmartOne C device provides GPS monitoring for both fixed and mobile assets.  As long as the tracking device has an unobstructed view of the sky it can easily be put on any asset you own, including watercrafts, vehicles/fleet, ATVs, equipment and containers.


Multiple geofences can be set up around your asset to alert you if it enters or exits the set parameter.  There are two ports on the SmartOne C that allow you to connect additional sensors to maximize protection of your asset.


The SmartOne C can be powered by 4 replaceable AAA batteries or with an external power cable.  Battery powered asset tracking devices will continue to operate with or without a wired power source.  Motion sensors, comparative GPS positions and custom configured sensors obtain and transmit asset status information to your computer or smart device.  Each device is configured to track its asset’s specific needs and provide alerts by email or text.


Estimated Battery Life of the Smartone C Satellite GPS Tracker:

Check-in every 24 hours – 750 Days
Check-in every 12 hours – 500 Days
Check-in every 8 hours – 400 Days
Check-in every 4 hours – 200 Days
Check-in every 1 hour – 80 Days


Optional – Hardwire Power Cable:

Also available is an optional power cable, that will allow you to hardwire the SmartOne C to any 12v DC power source, like a vehicle, truck, or powered asset. When used with this power cable, if power is ever lost – it will revert to the internal batteries as a backup power source.

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Are you located in the Bahamas or Caribbean or along the coast line?  This is the perfect GPS boat tracking device for you! Never worry about cellular coverage again and enjoy global coverage for the same price as cellular.

About the GlobalStar Satellite Network:

Globalstar is a low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation for satellite phone and low-speed data communications, somewhat similar to the Iridium satellite constellation and Orbcomm satellite systems. The current Globalstar constellation consists of 24 Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites.

The Simplex data service is a low cost, one way satellite data delivery solution. It is ideal for tracking the location of mobile assets such as shipping containers, land transport vehicles including road and rail, heavy industrial equipment and any other high value assets that operate globally.

Data sent from a SmartOne C device, is captured by the Globalstar satellite network and delivered through the Internet direct to the LoneStar Tracking application server. The data is then decoded for use and made available to the end user.


Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs
Number Of Locates

1 Locate Per Day, 2 Locates Per Day, 3 Locates Per Day, 6 Locates Per Day, 24 Locates Per Day, Unlimited


Power Cable

Coverage Area

Service Plans

Monthly SmartOne C Satellite Network Service Fees

1 Check-in Per Day: $11.00 per month
2 Check-ins Per Day: $14.50 per month
3 Check-ins Per Day: $16.25 per month
6 Check-ins Per Day: $18.25 per month
24 Check-ins Per Day: $29.95 per month

Unlimited Plan : Please call for custom configuration and pricing.


Estimated Battery Life (AAA batteries):

Check-in every 24 hours – 750 Days
Check-in every 12 hours – 500 Days
Check-in every 8 hours – 400 Days
Check-in every 4 hours – 200 Days
Check-in every 1 hour – 80 Days


* Please keep in mind that the service plan that you choose can not be changed. Upon order, LoneStar Tracking will program the SmartOne C to match your chosen service plan. Once the device ships, we are unable to change the programming of the device. If you wish to change your service plan, you will be required to ship the device back to LoneStar Tracking for re-programming.

Technical Documents

SmartOne C Data Sheet