Waterproof GPS Tracker Launched By LoneStar Tracking Set To Disrupt The Tracking Industry

The new GPS tracker by LoneStar is noted for its ruggedness and waterproof capabilities. The TitanLTE will operate on most assets including 24v military vehicles, ATV’s, boats and trailers.

The Woodlands TX: LoneStar Tracking and Ryan Kelley are pleased to announce the release of the Titan LTE waterproof GPS tracker. The device is designed to operate on most assets, including 24v military vehicles, ATVs, trailers and boats. The Titan LTE is IP67 Compliant Waterproof and can withstand water, mud, impacts and more. It has a ruggedized case, which allows accurate and reliable tracking in the most extreme environments. The device updates its location every five minutes while it is on the move and the TitanLTE will report its location once per day when stationary.

More information is available at https://www.lonestartracking.com/tracking-devices/titanlte-cat-m1-nb-iot-waterproof-trailer-tracker/.

The TitanLTE has a 120-day backup battery, so if it is ever disconnected from the asset, or if the asset’s battery dies, the Titan will continue tracking for as long as 120 days. The dual power connector allows for connecting up to two power sources for redundancy.  Customers can choose between a monthly or yearly service plan. The flexible service plans meet everyone’s budget and there is no contract, so cancellation at any time is available.

A spokesperson for LoneStar-Tracking explained, “No other product in the market can beat the Titan LTE GPS trailer tracker. For this reason, we would like to encourage everyone in search of a waterproof GPS tracker to try this device. Better yet, you can research elsewhere and you will find that indeed this is the best 4G trailer tracker you will ever come across on the face of the planet.

LoneStar Tracking has consistently produced the best waterproof GPS trackers in the market serving thousands of users today.”

These 4G LTE GPS trackers are designed to work very well with every kind of asset available in the market. That is, from trailers, ATV’s, motorcycles or any type of outdoor equipment that would need waterproof monitoring. This new GPS trailer tracker has quite a wide range of uses.

Contact Info:

Name: Ryan Kelley
Company: LoneStar Tracking

Address: 395 Sawdust Rd., Box #2115, The Woodlands TX 77380
Phone: (877) 777-8636
Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.lonestartracking.com/.


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