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GPS tracking in the great state of TexasLooking for a GPS tracking device from a company that was born right here in the Lone Star State?

Welcome to LoneStar Tracking.  Based in Montgomery County, Texas, LoneStar Tracking has been serving the great state of Texas for almost 11 years now.  We carry GPS trackers for boats, trailers, fleets and more.  LoneStar Tracking also caries global satellite trackers, live 3g dash cams, personal trackers and remote monitoring (SCADA) systems.

LoneStar Tracking has a presence in the Houston (The woodlands / Spring) area, Dallas / Fort Worth, and the Texas Hill Country.   Our GPS tracking devices not only work in the great state of Texas, but have the capability of working anywhere on the globe.  Texas GPS trackers can be configured to only operate in a smaller geographic area, which can help reduce your monthly cost and eliminate any possible overages.

LoneStar Tracking has been working with communities across Texas to help Police Departments and other agencies reduce vehicle theft and help educate others about procedures that can reduce their chance of becoming a victim.

Did you know that over 60,000 cars and trucks are stolen in Texas each year?

  • Always lock your vehicle and take your keys.
  • Never leave your car running and unattended.
  • Park in a well-lit area.
  • Take valuables with you when you are not in your vehicle.
  • Keep valuables out of sight.
  • Give parking attendants the ignition key only. Keep your trunk and glove box locked at all times. If possible, get separate keys for the ignition and the trunk and glove box.
  • Install an anti-theft or GPS device. Many insurance companies may give you a discount for certain anti-theft / GPS devices. Check with your agent for details.

Did you know that according to the Texas DMV, the most common stolen vehicles in Texas are:

1) Honda Accord

2) Honda Civic

3) Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)

4) Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)

5) Toyota Camry

6) Nissan Altima

7) Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)

8) Toyota Corolla

9) Chevrolet Impala

10) Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee

Protect your vehicle with a GPS tracker from LoneStar Tracking, and never have to worry about theft again.

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