GL300W LTE Personal Tracker

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From: $9.99 / month and a $99.99 sign-up fee

  • Perfect for Backpack GPS tracking and other small assets
  • Track in real-time over the Internet
  • 2 week battery life
  • Access your tracker from anywhere, tablet, phone or computer
  • Get phone and email alerts
  • Get different custom reports on your tracking data
  • Compact size to go anywhere

The GL300W Backpack GPS tracking device is used to track people, backpacks, luggage and more in “real-time”.  The GL300W is a small, LTE 4G device that tracks location with pinpoint accuracy on your smart device or computer!

LoneStar Tracking Backpack GPS tracking

Backpack GPS Tracking Device


Keep your “eyes” on your child with LoneStar Tracking’s GL300 Backpack GPS Tracking Device.  You will take comfort in knowing your child’s well-being, while your child doesn’t feel alone.  You are only a button away from your child when they may feel uncomfortable.  Also, when your child’s backpack is moving, the backpack GPS tracking system updates every 2 minutes.  Knowing Mom or Dad is “with” them will help your child relax and focus on school.

The GL300 enables the ability to track and locate a person, vehicle or asset in real time.  This device is a small, battery powered tracking device that can be discretely placed or hidden on the asset.  This tracker is also great for stolen vehicle recovery, high altitude balloon projects, asset monitoring, backpack tracking and more.  The GL300 is water resistant, has built in motion detection, an emergency SOS button and allows for rapid installation.

  • REAL-TIME ALERTS on any computer or smart device
  • GPS Location updates as fast as every 1 minutes while moving (depends on service plan)
  • Precise GPS tracker location and asset movement alert
  • FREE Android app or iPhone app
  • Completely hidden in a variety of places on the asset
  • 24/7/365 American customer support

gl300 placed under a car

Key Features of the Backpack GPS Tracking Device:


  • Compact Tracker Size: The GL300 fits easily into a pocket, purse, backpack or luggage.
  • Longer Battery Life:  Battery life that lasts up to 2 weeks.  The GL300 backpack GPS tracking device does not need constant recharging.  A 6-month extended battery pack is also available.
  • Precise GPS Tracking Ability: Once the backpack GPS tracking device is placed on the person or property, it’s location and movement can be tracked from a smart phone or computer.  Advanced satellite technology enables you to know within 15 feet where your child or asset is located.
  • Geofences:  You can set up special alerts to be notified by text or email when the tracker arrives at a certain place. The backpack GPS tracking device’s geo-fence function allows you to set up a perimeter on the map and get alerted when the target enters or leaves that area.
  • Tracker Location History:  Store up to 90 days of historical tracking data and receive custom reports summarizing the data you’ve gathered.

For easy, accurate tracking, the GL-300 Backpack GPS Tracking Device is a top-of-the-line tracking device that offers reliable service and advanced features at a budget-friendly price.

Weight1 lbs
Service Plan

Bronze, Silver, Gold

Service Length

Month-to-Month, Yearly



LTE Specifications



Operating BandB2/B4/B12/B13B3/B8/B20
Data Transmission

eMTC (DL) 375Kbps

eMTC (UL) 375Kbps

eMTC (DL) 375Kbps

eMTC (UL) 375Kbps

NB1 (DL) 32Kbps

NB1 (UL) 70Kbps



GNSS Specifications

GNSS TypeQualcomm Gen 8C GNSS receiver
SensitivityCold start: -145 dBm

Tracking: -161 dBm

Position Accuracy (CEP)Autonomous: < 2.5m
TTFF (Open Sky)Cold start: 30s average

Hot start: 1s average



GSM Specifications (GL300ME)

Frequency900/1800 MHz
Data TransmissionGPRS multi-slot class 33 (33 by default)

EDGE multi-slot class 33 (33 by default)





General Specifications

Dimensions9.9mm(L) x 26.7mm(W) x 77.9mm(H)
Internal BatteryLi-Polymer, 2600 mAh
Standby TimeWithout reporting: 400 hours

5 minutes’ reporting: 140 hours

Water ResistanceIPX5 Compliant
Charging Voltage5V DC
External Battery Voltage3.5V to 4.2V DC
Operating Temperature-20℃ ~ +55℃



Air Interface Protocol

Transmit ProtocolTCP, UDP, SMS
Scheduled Report

Report position and status based on preset time intervals, distance, mileage or a combination of these settings

Geo-fencesSupport up to 20 geo-fence regions
Low Power AlarmAlarm when battery is low
Power On/Off ReportReport when the device is powered on and off
SOS/Emergency AlarmSOS alarm via pressing function button
Special AlarmSpecial alarm based on digital input
Motion DetectionMotion alarm based on internal 3-axis accelerometer




Digital Inputs1 positive trigger input for ignition detection
1 negative trigger input for normal use
Power ButtonPower on and power off, can be disabled via air interface protocol
Function Button With Haptic FeedbackEmergency alert or instant geo-fence setting
Cellular Antenna Internal only
GNSS AntennaInternal only
LED IndicatorsCEL, GNSS, PWR
Mini USB InterfaceUsed for external power and configuration

Service Plans

Movement Updates5 min2 min1 min
Heartbeat Updates25hrs25hrs25hrs
Basic ReportsXXX
Advanced ReportsXX
IOS and Android AppXXX
Live GPS TrackingXXX
Starter DisableXXX
Driver BehaviorXX
Fleet ManagementXX
Vehicle BookingX
Temperature MonitoringXX
Speeding AlertXXX
Power Disconnect AlertXXX
Battery Level AlertXXX
Geofencing AlertXXX
Tow AlertXXX
Ignition AlertXX
Idle AlertXX
Working Hour AlertXX

2 reviews for GL300W LTE Personal Tracker

  1. Nathan

    I love it! Easy to hide and accurate locations.

  2. Tom

    Amazing battery life. We use this tracker on our jet ski when friends and family are playing on it. If they dont return in a couple minutes, we can check out phone to see where they are. Definitely recommend!

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