Keeping Tabs On The Accuracy Of Travel Expense Claims With GPS Tracking

Fuel costs have always been an expensive aspect of running any business. However, over the past couple of months, the cost of fuel globally has skyrocketed to record levels. In the United States, this cost can fluctuate dramatically from state to state, with no end in sight for price increases.

The extremely steep fuel prices aren’t expected to taper off much anytime soon, so if there was ever a time to keep close tabs on your business’s fuel expenses, it’s now.

Thanks to the high fuel costs, fuel fraud is being committed by dishonest employees at higher rates than ever before. Employees have more motive than ever to be unscrupulous and dishonest in their fuel expense claims

The question is: how can you protect your business against the rising tide of expense claim fraud amid some of the highest fuel prices we’ve ever seen?

Automated Tracking

When using a pen and paper logbook to track employee travel, there is little way to prevent fraud. In theory, employees could simply write whatever they want in the book and there would be no way to verify it.

However, thanks to modern GPS tracking technology – such as GPS Log Book devices – every trip a vehicle takes, no matter how big or small, can be recorded in astonishing detail. The precise start- and end-point locations, miles travelled, routes taken, and even travel speeds.

Our GPS Log Book devices not only record all the relevant employee travel information, but they are also able to produce detailed printouts and reports of various kinds so that employers and managers can rest assured that the expense claims are legitimate.

Some of the reports that our devices generate include IRS-compliant tax log books, tax business trips report, tax detailed and summary reports, business travel claim report, vehicle trip list and zone detail reports.

We’ve seen a shift over the past few months as more businesses are opting to use our devices to protect themselves from being defrauded. With the GPS Log Book tracking their every move, unscrupulous employees can no longer defraud you by adding fictional miles to their travel claims.

Some customers have reported that they have saved thousands of dollars in just the first month of using GPS Log Book devices to generate and/or verify travel claims. Over a year, this can add up to a significant amount of money saved – well beyond the return on investment.

How It Works

One of the beauties of the GPS Log Book is that is does not provide live GPS tracking. The employee simply plugs the device into their cigarette lighter when driving for work, and unplugs it when they are done. Easy, safe and accurate.

GPS Log Book Classic w Text

If your company is needing real-time live vehicle tracking, then you would be looking at our DiscoveryLTE or ScorpionLTE GPS device.

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