Personal GPS Tracker

Personal GPS Trackers are a great way to keep track of your child in a crowd or ensure they are where they are supposed to be.  These are great to throw in the backpack and not say a thing. Ensure your children are being safe and take the appropriate route to school.  Things are getting pretty bad in the world today. Children go missing every day. Keep your kids safe by having this personal GPS Tracking device on them at all times. These offer a great sense of protection to small children as well.  As they know you are always right there with them. Stop criminals in their tracks should you notice that your child is going in the completely wrong direction or sense something is terribly wrong with a personal GPS tracker system.

A Personal GPS Tracker can be great for people that like to be a bit adventurous.  Do you like to hike and camp and tend to get off the beaten path? This device can show your loved ones where you are.  In case you get lost or trapped. Should there be an accident and they notice you haven’t moved in several hours or days that is not like the norm.  They can offer more help in finding you and keeping you safe.

Personal GPS Tracker

Elderly Personal GPS

A Personal GPS Tracker can help with your elderly parents too.  Many parents start getting older and start wandering a bit more than they should.  Having a personal GPS Tracker on them will help you track them should they go for a “Walk”.  You will be able to check your phone or computer to show where they are located and if they are home and in for the night.  This is a great tool to allow them to keep their freedom but you to have a piece of mind that they are home safe and sound every night.  Sure, they love their independence but it shouldn’t come at a cost of stress and worry for you. Now, you can simply check your phone and know where they are at all times.

Our devices have real-time alerts to any computer or smart device.  The location is tracked every 2 mins. while it is moving or on the move.  Keep track of your personal items as well. Put this personal tracking device in your car or truck and ensure you know where it goes at all times. Keep track of your teenager and ensure they are on the routes you would expect after school or on their way to work.  There is also an SOS button that allows the person using the device to send for help. This will alert you via phone there is an issue. Similar to the I’ve fallen buttons for the elderly.

It is water resistant and can help with stolen vehicle recovery, track your luggage on a plane, asset monitoring and more.  Put one on your dog’s collar and never worry about them running off again. Finding your dog, mom, child or car safe and sound is priceless in your time of panic.  No need to panic any longer.