Solar Powered GPS Trackers

Why choose solar?

When choosing an asset tracker, there are two main features that a user is looking for.  Battery life and how often the tracker reports its location.  With a solar powered GPS tracker, such as the SolarMAX GPS, you can get the best of both worlds!  A battery life of 10+ years and location updates every 1 minute.

Easy to hide

You may think that hiding a Solar GPS Tracker may be difficult because it needs sunlight to stay charged, but it’s actually easy to find a good location on your asset or trailer

Many people will install the tracker on the top of the trailer or on the tongue, and due to the small size, no one will ever notice it.  

Installation can be done with magnets, screws or two-sided tape.

GPS Trailer Tracker

SolarMAX GPS Tracker

The SolarMAX GPS tracker is our most popular cellular GPS tracker with coverage across North America.  This tracker will give you instant movement alerts and will update its location in Google Maps every 1 minute.

SmartOne Solar

The SmartOne Solar is our solar powered Satellite GPS Tracker.  That means, this device will operate ANYWHERE on the planet and does not use cellular.  This tracking device will update its location once every 15 minutes.

Solar powered GPS tracking is becoming a more attractive option every day.  Battery technology and photovoltaic technology has allows the tracker to become smaller in size and easier to hide.  Along with the latest in cellular technology, Cat-M1 uses less power than ever imaginable allowing the tracking device to last 10+ years before needing to be replaced. 

Along with the latest in solar, battery and cellular technology, these trackers also utilize something called GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite System.  This means, your asset can have up to 60 satellites monitoring its location at all times.  Conventional GPS trackers will only have up to 12 satellites.  This means greater accuracy and improved chances of getting a GPS fix when inside a building or in a parking garage.

Interested in learning more about our Solar GPS Trackers?  Feel free to reach out to our GPS tracking experts at any time, via phone, email or chat.  Our team is here to help you make the right decision when purchasing a tracking device for your assets.

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