Solar Powered GPS Tracker

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Solar Powered GPS Tracker

The Smartone Solar has an unmatched 10-Year Battery Pack that stays charged with the builtin solar panels.  The longest lasting GPS Tracker on the market today!

Smartone Solar Boat Tracker

Why Solar Powered GPS?

Zero Maintenance

With a Solar Powered GPS Tracker, you never need to worry about battery life. The Smartone Solar is designed to operate for 10 years without maintenance.

Budget Friendly

The Smartone Solar has one of the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Most GPS Tracking devices need to be replaced or maintained every few years, but not the Smartone Solar.

Intrinsically Safe

The Smartone Solar was designed to be used in hazardous areas where combustible material may be present and minimizes the risk of ignition in such instances.

Global Coverage

The Solar Powered GPS Tracker, the Smartone Solar, operates on the Globalstar Satellite Network. This gives your devices the ability to operate anywhere on the planet.

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"The Smartone Solar has allowed our company to track and monitor assets in remote areas where a standard cellular based tracker wouldn't work"
Felix Doughry
UX Basin

Global Coverage

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"Solar Powered GPS trackers allow us to carry on normal business without worrying about battery life."

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Learn how a Solar Powered GPS Tracker from LoneStar Tracking can help your business track, monitor and manage it’s assets in remote areas or across the globe.

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