The 5 Proven Benefits of GPS Tracking Your Fleet of Tractor Trailers

Trucks continue to be outnumbered by trailers three times to one. It’s becoming more and more important for fleet managers to start strongly considering the benefits of GPS trailer tracking, one of the most obvious being the fact that it’s like an additional visibility layer.

The U.S. alone has over six million trailers operating all across the nation. A trailer tracking device can prove a very easy and quick way for managers to keep track of all their fleet as well as locate these important assets of theirs.

Let’s take a closer look!

Five Proven Benefits Of GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS trailer tracking will help streamline your business by optimizing your vehicles’ lives, enhancing driver performance and reducing overhead costs. It’s the way of the future, and that’s a fact. It helps in gaining that much-needed advantage over your competition as well as helping you deliver superb customer service.

1. Optimization Of Vehicle Resources

GPS tracking devices allow fleet managers to monitor both the performance and the location of their trailers at any given time. These systems are well-known to provide extremely accurate data on engine idling, driver behavior, fuel usage, and exact locations within minutes.

When the manager has all the right information related to how the fleet is performing, they can then concentrate on specific optimizations that’ll drive revenue up.

2. Lowering Maintenance Costs And Downtime

This software can be programmed to send alerts and notifications whenever the vehicles are due for routine maintenance. Receive text or email alerts indicating when the trailers are due for tire rotations, oil changes or other routine maintenance procedures.

This will help business owners and managers stay up-to-date with regular maintenance.

3. Decreasing Insurance Related Costs

Most of the prominent insurance corporations out there have come to see how important GPS fleet tracking can be and are all strongly advocating for its implementation. In most scenarios, trailers that have GPS devices can have their insurance premiums decreased from ten percent to as much as thirty percent.

Insurance providers are looking at GPS tracking as a reliable option. One of the reasons being it can quickly find out when vehicles have changed their route and immediately alert the supervisors.

4. Better Driver Management

When your drivers know that they’re being watched, they’re more likely to drive better. GPS fleet tracking allows you to be proactive prior to incidents and accidents as well as allowing you to spot repeat offenders.

And in case there’s an accident, managers and business owners can ensure the people responding to the emergency immediately get the exact location of the accident.

5. Increase Fuel Savings

This is the biggest savings your business will witness once your GPS trackers have been installed. GPS fleet management makes everything else so much easier. With improved driver behavior, less idling and better routing, fuel savings will eventually begin to be noticed.

What Next?

Hopefully, now you can see why you need to start tracking your fleets using GPS tracking software ASAP. Don’t be the one left behind. The benefits of GPS tracking just can’t be ignored.

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