Top 5 Advantages of Asset Tracking Solutions

Asset Tracking

Did you know that every 40.9 seconds someone stole a vehicle in the U.S. in 2017? Do you worry about losing a car, truck, trailer, or other assets? 

Installing asset tracking solutions on your vehicles and other valuables can increase security. Continue reading to find 5 advantages offered by these tracking systems.

Why Invest in Asset Tracking Solutions?

The risk of having an asset stolen is one of the biggest reasons for buying a GPS asset tracking system. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported these top 5 vehicles thefts in 2018:

  • Honda Civics: 38,426
  • Honda Accord: 36,815
  • Ford F-150: 36,355
  • Chevrolet Silverado 31,566
  • Toyota Camry: 16,906

Cars and trucks aren’t the only valuable assets that get stolen. In 2017, 4,864 watercraft were taken in the United States.

Did you know that only 1 in 10 boats are ever found? Even those recovered have often lost their value.

Also, the 2018 BSI & TT Club Cargo Theft Report showed that 24% of the cargo stolen was in transit. Another 18% was stolen from storage.

All these statistics highlight the advantages of installing GPS tracking devices. This can help authorities quickly recover your property and limit the damage.

Advantages of an Asset Tracking App

Asset tracking systems and apps provide many benefits. Here are some of the top advantages of having an asset tracking app.

1. Monitor the Asset’s Status

GPS tracking systems provide reports about the status of your asset. These reports are often customizable. You can choose the frequency of updates that best suits your needs.

2. Vehicle Asset Tracking

Vehicle GPS trackers now offer detailed data about your car, truck, boat, and trailer. You can track the vehicle’s location on your phone app. It will also tell you how much gas is in the tank.

You can also set up geofence alerts to let you know if the vehicle moves out of a designated area. This is useful for theft-monitoring and keeping track of employees or teenage children. The device will also alert you if the vehicle exceeds set speed limits.

3. Fixed Asset Tracking

Many companies use fixed asset tracking systems for managing inventory. It’s also useful for monitoring the efficiency of the asset’s performance. This can give you a heads up about what assets need repairs or replacement.

4. Loss Prevention 

GPS tracking systems serve a big role in the quick identification of asset theft. Asset loss can cost companies millions of dollars each year.

This small investment in an asset tracking solution can prevent a significant monetary loss. This is true for both businesses and individuals.

5. Increased Safety

Many asset tracking systems provide increased safety. They can provide an alert if an asset’s performance is declining before it fails. It can alert drivers to hazardous conditions so they can choose a safer route.

These systems have also been instrumental in protecting mentally compromised individuals. Placing a GPS tracking device on their vehicle or another item can save them from being lost or abducted. These apps also often feature an SOS or panic button to protect the user.

Are You Looking for the Right GPT Asset Tracker?

Asset tracking solutions provide many advantages. If you are looking to protect your assets today, LoneStar Tracking offers a variety of tracking solutions. The Oyster2 system is a waterproof device suitable for vehicles and boats.

This system includes a “driver scorecard” that provides a driving performance rating. It also has a smartphone app to manage settings, functionality, and more. Our systems include end-to-end encryption to prevent others from finding your location.

Contact us today to select the best asset tracking solution and learn about our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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