Marine GPS Basics: Top Tips for Choosing a Boat Tracker

Boat GPS Tracker

Are you a boat owner? Purchasing and maintaining a boat is a big investment. Do you worry about boat theft?

The National Insurance Crime Bureau published a report in 2018 about watercraft theft. During that year, there were 4,499 watercraft reported stolen. This included data from the National Crime Information Center for all 50 states.

With advances in GPS technology and Smartphones, you can now purchase a boat tracker. This provides added security and safety for boaters. Continue reading to find tips for choosing the best product.

Reasons to Get a Boat GPS Tracker

GPS technology combined with GPS apps allows individuals to locate items. This helps with recovering stolen or lost objects.

Theft Recovery

Purchasing the highest quality GPS boat track system helps protect your investment. If your boat is stolen, this tracking system provides a quick way to find it. This helps law enforcement apprehend the thieves and recover your property.

Personal Safety

Marine accidents are a source of high anxiety for both the boaters and their loved ones back home. The Recreational Boating Statistics for 2019 described the top 5 marine accidents. There were 2,675 incidents that resulted in 341 deaths and 1,475 injuries.

These statistics show how important it is to have a way for rescuers to find you in an emergency.

Tips for Choosing the Best Boat Tracker

When shopping for a boat GPS tracker, make a list of priorities for the system. The following provides some tips to consider when looking for the best fit.

SOS Alert Feature

Choosing a GPS tracker that has a distress button can save lives. These models send an emergency signal to the authorities or a person of your choosing. It provides the location of the device and directions.

Boat Tracker App

Most people would agree it’s essential to have a GPS tracker system that includes a phone app. This allows you to look at account settings and track data such as battery life.

Some offer instant theft alerts to your phone when unauthorized movement occurs. This includes moving outside a safe zone, unscheduled movement, or exceeding speed limits.

Resistant to Water

It’s vital that boat GPS trackers are waterproof. This includes withstanding exposure to water, mud, and impact without damage to circuitry.

Ease of Use

Choose a GPS tracker with a long battery life. For example, some models run on 3 AA batteries that can last up to 5 years. Choosing a wireless system increases the ease of installing the tracker.

Models that adjust the frequency of updates based on use save battery life. For example, some will update the device between 5 minutes and 1 hour when moving. When the boat is still, it only updates every 12 hours.


As with most purchases, you’ll want to buy the best product for the money you have to spend. Use the list of the key features you desire. Also, consider the value of your investment and think of this as an insurance policy,

Ask if the company requires a contract for their services. Some companies offer their service without a contract. You may choose to pay monthly or yearly.

Do You Want a GPS Tracker for Your Valuables?

Now you have information for choosing the best boat tracker. Yet, boats aren’t the only valuables that benefit from a GPS tracker. LoneStar Tracking also offers devices for cars, trailers, and more.

Our company is proud to offer simple, affordable, and easy to use tracking service options. We also offer driver scorecards, instant movement alerts, global coverage, and 5-year battery life. Contact us today to learn how we can help keep your valuables safe.

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