LST Outdoor LoRa Gateway

  • IP65 Outdoor LoRa Gateway
  • 8 Channel Connectivity
  • Built in Cellular, WiFi and Ethernet Backhaul


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LST7240 Edge LoRa Gateway

Versatile Hardware

  • You have a choice between 8 or 16 LoRa Channels (by adding a second Concentrator module). You can either use the built-in BG96 cellular module or add your own via the mPCIe slot.
  • LST7240 supports multiple backhaul connectivity options including WiFi, LTE, and Ethernet.
  • To achieve a low-power, multimode connectivity solution, we based the CPU Module (RAK634) on MTK7628 which supports 2.4G WiFi in a 2×2 MIMO configuration.
  • We added an SD card slot that allows you to backup your LoRa data in case of a network outage.
  • There is a built-in surge protection for the Ethernet port, so no external SPD is needed

Compact, Industrial-Grade

The gateway that makes no compromise with its built-in quality, weather resistance, features, and customizability. It comes at a reduced cost compared to our other outdoor gateway offerings as it is meant for large-scale scenarios.

Easy to mount

LST7240 is designed to be installed on a pole or a wall, making it especially suitable for construction sites and tower installations.
The Gateway comes with a mounting kit and a PoE injector to facilitate quick and easy deployment in any scenario.

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