Oyster LTE Waterproof GPS Tracking Device

Starting At $199.95, Includes First Year Of Service

  • Accurate within Feet- Oyster LTE offers easy installation and works just about anywhere in the US.
  • No Wires – everything can be programmed OTA (Over the Air) wirelessly
  • 4G LTE Cat-M1 Technology – Sounds awesome, right?  Its the latest in cellular wireless technology.  Allowing you peace of mind, it will work, wherever it is located within the United States.
  • Waterproof and IP 67 Rugged – It withstands water, mud, impacts and more.  Perfect for trailers, boats, cars, trucks, snowmobiles, ATV’s, campers and more.
  • Motion Activated – it will sleep and save battery life until it is needed.  Program several geofences or none at all. As soon as it moves outside the fence, it will alert you, or as soon as it moves.  It is totally up to you and easily programmed from your phone or computer.
  • Amazing Battery Life– the battery can last up to 5 years!
  • No Contracts – Nope.  Quit whenever you’d like.  But, we are sure you’ll love the service and continue using it for years to come.  The first year is free, and it’s $99/$149 after that.

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Oyster LTE Benefits

Lonestar Tracking’s devices are top of the line and state of the art to ensure your assets are protected. If you have trailers, commercial equipment, or even want to know where your teenager’s car is located, the Oyster LTE is right there for you.  This device is battery powered and can last for up to 5 years. Having a super long battery life means you can mount it and forget it. No wires to connect and the easiest install possible. But, don’t be fooled by its super long battery life, the performance of this low profile device is outstanding.  It will alert you as soon as your asset is on the move and has pinpoint accuracy within feet that are covered across the entire United States.

Some of the benefits of the Oyster LTE are:

  • Peace of mind knowing your assets can be reclaimed if ever stolen.
  • Real-time alerts when your asset starts to move to your phone or computer.
  • Low profile and discreet construction allow it to go undetected.
  • Software updates are free and can happen without you disconnecting the Oyster LTE
  • Long Battery Life – Up to five years.  It sleeps when it is not moving.
  • Battery life predictions. No more guessing!
  • Signals are encrypted
  • Waterproof – perfect for boats or ATV’s.
  • Uses AA x 3 Batteries that can be purchased anywhere.

The low profile allows it to be mounted without detection.  It can fit under a trailer, as it is waterproof as well. Or put it in a box or under a seat.  There are screws included for attachment. It uses off the shelf batteries, which can be purchased virtually anywhere batteries are sold.  And, it has an onboard battery detector that allows you to know when the batteries need to be changed, often years from now.

With the purchase of the Oyster LTE, you will get a one-year of free service.  After that, a $99/$149 fee per year is charged, or you can choose a monthly option as well.  It’s a very small price for that peace of mind knowing your assets are safe and sound.

Oyster LTE Alerts and Notifications

The alerts come through your phone or computer and can be sent to email or SMS.  When the Oyster LTE begins to move, the device will wake up and begin reporting it’s location to the server.  You have the option of enabling an alert that will notify you if your asset has been stolen.

Power Saver

The recommended battery for the Oyster LTC is the LTC batterie, which is made from Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC). These batteries are of higher quality than just any AA battery and have fewer failures out of the box.  They offer high capacity, meaning they store a lot of power within them and have an extended tolerance to temperatures. Temperatures will affect battery life. And, have an extremely low discharge, approximately 1%.  Because the Oyster LTE has a 3 axis accelerometer, it goes into a “sleep” mode when it’s not moving. This saves the batteries energy by being in an ultra-low power state. The GPS and accelerometer are used to determine when the device is moving and should alert the owner.

Built-in Features of the Oyster LTE

There are several built-in key features to the Oyster LTE, which should be taken into consideration when purchasing.  This device was very well thought out, as you don’t have to retrieve it for any software updates or replace the batteries frequently.  However, it has more smarts built in!

This device can be remotely configured and updated without being dismounted from the asset it’s on. That means that you can configure it right from your phone or computer over the air (OTA).  If you are ever alerted that it’s moving and you don’t know why this handy remote tracking will go into the real-time mode and track where your asset is going.  This will allow for quick recovery of your asset, the sooner the better, before the thieves detect your GPS tracker.

Smart GPS technology

This GPS tracker is set up with smart GPS technology.  It has the capability to determine what satellites are overhead.  This will drastically reduce any interference the GPS could run into with thickly wooded areas or the “Urban Street Canyon”.  The less effect on the GPS tracker, the more accurate it can be to help you find your missing assets. The 3 axis accelerometer allows detection of high G force events such as being dropped or involved in an accident as well.

Program GeoFencing

You can program your Oyster LTE with several Geo-fences.  A geofence is an area defined by a virtual perimeter, this will allow the device to sleep even if moving within the defined Geofence.  This is great for local trucks and such that move about the town all day, but as soon as one leaves the town, an alert is sent to the owner’s cell.  Things such as wrecker trucks or buses could use geofencing, but really anyone could use it. If you have a large farm and want to geofence the yard to ensure your farming equipment stays within the boundaries or just about any type of Geofence.  And, it can be reprogrammed without taking it off the asset. The Oyster LTE can hold 100’s of these geofence programs. This can be used to set parameters on alerts as well as logging parameters for both inside and outside a geofence.

Who can benefit from the Oyster LTE?

Just about anyone that has an asset that needs tracking.  These tracking devices are great for business owners that have large equipment such as bulldozers, high lows, and lawn mowers.  If you have a fleet of lawnmowers, it can be hard to keep track of everything and this handy device will help with that. If you have kids and you are worried they will take off with your car, truck or boat, this device will help with that as well as theft.  Knowing where your assets are and what they are doing is important to anyone. Maybe you have a cabin and cannot monitor everything you leave there. Often times the cabin will have boats, snowmobiles, trailers and more that are housed outdoors. Sure, you can chain them to a tree, however, bolt cutters take care of that really quick.  The Oyster LTE is perfect that!

Its small body housing which is waterproof can hide easily under a trailer or inside a camper with ease.  Nobody will ever know it’s there. And, as soon as that trailer, boat, camper, or whatever starts to move outside of its geofence, you will know.  And, you can track in real time and recover your asset before it’s too late. Many times, thieves are in a hurry, for good reason, but this means they may not attach the boat or trailer properly, which could lead to damage.  Finding your asset quickly will save it from damage. And, that’s where the Oyster LTE is the perfect addition.

Still not sure if the Oyster LTE is right for you?  

If you are still on the fence and not sure if this amazing device is what you need, just ask.  Our friendly customer support is on staff waiting to answer any questions you may have. We love our products and understand that sometimes, all this “smart” stuff can get confusing, no worries.  We are happy to help.

What’s Included:

(1) Oyster LTE Waterproof GPS Tracking Device
(1) Free Android or iPhone App
(1) 1 Year of Unlimited Service ($99/$149 per year thereafter)

**Requires 3 AA Lithium Batteries, not included

***Operated on the AT&T network in the continental United States only.

This waterproof GPS tracker is great for Jet Skis, ATV’s, Boats, Trailers, motorcycles and anything else that moves.

Weight0.4 lbs
Dimensions6 × 3 × 1.5 in
Service Plan

1 Hour Updates, 5 Minute Updates

Service Plans

 1 Hour Plan5 Minute Plan
Movement UpdatesEvery 1 hourEvery 5 minutes
Heartbeat Updates25hrs25hrs
Basic ReportsXX
Advanced Reports  
IOS and Android AppXX
Live GPS TrackingXX
Starter Disable  
CAN Bus  
Driver Behavior  
Fleet Management  
Vehicle Booking  
Temperature Monitoring X
SMS Alerts X
Movement AlertXX
Speeding Alert  
Power Disconnect Alert  
Battery Level AlertXX
Geofencing AlertXX
SOS Alert  
Tow Alert  
Ignition Alert  
OBD DTC Alert  
Idle Alert  
Working Hour Alert