Automating, Optimizing, Planning and Managing Field Operations

Many fleet managers are challenged to effectively monitor and manage operations, communications, customer service and business costs in real-time. This creates the demand for tools to control costs, improve customer experiences, increase market share and improve profitability.

The LoneStar Tracking Workflow Module and Virtual Dispatch Assistant™ (VDA) are complete dispatch planning solutions, providing immediate operational efficiencies with minimal investment. Substantially reducing hardware investments for fleet managers, the Workflow Module and VDA provide benefits of dispatching solutions, and in some cases eliminate the need to purchase personal navigation devices (PND) for each vehicle. LoneStar Tracking’s Workflow solution provides the flexibility to use a standard tracking device to track movement against a route with waypoints within Workflow.

The Workflow Module’s vast features include:

  • At-a-Glance Trip and Trip Management Views
  • Advanced Messaging Center, including Real-Time Chat
  • Route Planning and Trip Delivery ETA
  • Advanced reporting, including Workflow Variance Reporting
  • Ability to monitor and manage fleets by Vehicle Status, Job Priority and Job Duration
  • Robust Job and Route Logic and Scheduler, featuring streamlined Job and Route Creation through templates
  • Integration with personal navigation devices, including models from Garmin and Magellan

For more information on how the LoneStar Tracking Workflow Module and Virtual Dispatch Assistant™ can generate substantial cost savings by automating, optimizing and managing field operations, call +1.877.777.8636 or email [email protected]

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