How are iPad-based IoT Solutions for Businesses Changing the Future?

The Internet-of-Things is rapidly empowering new business models and opportunities, transforming the world into a marketplace of collecting, managing and gleaning business value from data. Mobile workers and field-based service agents are at the forefront of data utilization, but require a seamless combination of hardware, software and always-on connectivity to do so. LoneStar Tracking-powered, iPad-based solutions deliver comprehensive tools to tap one of the richest emerging areas for businesses to monetize the IoT.

With hardware, software and connectivity in one seamless solution, businesses are empowered to mobilize operations, from point of sale to field service automation. The end-to-end LST iPad-based solution delivers processing power and data security for industries such as healthcare, utilities, insurance, and commercial equipment servicing, where mobile and remote worker productivity and management are paramount.

“iPad and iOS represent the most secure, powerful and convenient solution for business users to remain productive in every work environment,” said Alex Brisbourne, CEO of KORE. “Coupled with our field-proven software management solutions and global connectivity, we’re able to help businesses deliver tangible, near-term returns from the IoT.”

LoneStar Tracking-powered iPads provide simplified and secure user operations by delivering pre-installed applications while delivering the processing speed, power and data capacity needed for complex workflows. Through enterprise-grade device and application management features, IT can manage multiple layers of security and through Mobile Device Management apps. And the iPad’s power efficiencies enable mobile workers to stay up-and-running for entire day on a tablet’s single charge.

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