Buy Here Pay Here GPS Tracker

Technology for the BHPH dealer.

Vehicle finance companies, buy-here-pay-here dealers and credit unions can reduce risk by utilizing intelligent hardware and software from a trusted vehicle tracking leader, LoneStar Tracking.

Key Features and Benefits

Boat Insurance GPS Tracking Device
  • Locate and recover assets 24/7
  • Easily enable or disable the vehicle ignition remotely
  • Lower your losses with alerts on risky events
  • Decrease defaults and repossessions
  • Simplify vehicle recovery
  • A low cost gps tracking system with no monthly fees
  • Scale with finance companies system integrations

Why Do Buy Here Pay Here Dealers Use LoneStar Tracking?


Quickly Assess Your Fleet Health

Keep an eye on your vehicles and manage risk by protecting financed assets with a gps tracking device. Vehicle health, location, and other key information is  available right at your fingertips to help you manage at a glance.

Reduce cost of operating a trailer with gps


Get Notified When Vehicles Enter or Leave Specific Areas

Allows dealers to monitor where your vehicles go, whether it’s a risky local area or simply returning to the lot. Configure up to 10 geozones per device, around specific addresses or locations, and get alert notificaitons when a vehicle enters or exits any geozone.

geo fence


Reports Help You Manage your Business

Streamline your auto finance gps tracking operations with important and insightful reports  that run on your schedule—once a week, on a specific date each month or more. You can import reports into Excel (CSV) or easily export them as PDF to help reduce delinquencies, reduce impound lots and recover lost revenue. .

GPS Reports


Speed Repossession When Needed

When you need to recover an asset, an easy to use cloud based repossession process automates locating the vehicle with your agents. Just send your agent a secure link to the vehicle location when they need to get the job done.

Vehicle GPS Repossession

Simple Installation

Quick and Easy 3-Wire Plug-N-Play Installation

Our low cost GPS Tracking devices can be installed into any vehicle in just a few minutes with a simple 3-wire install.  You only need to attach a positive, negative and relay wire.  All easily located under the dash of the vehicle.  However, if the BHPH dealer doesn’t need the starter disable feature, you can simply connect a positive and negative wire to complete the tracking system install.

Take Control of Your Vehicle Assets

Are you ready to take control of your auto financing gps vehicle tracking, improve skiptracing and succeed in vehicle recovery? Let LoneStar Tracking show you how we are becoming a leader in the Buy-Here-Pay-Here GPS tracking industry.
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