GPS Trailer Tracking

GPS Trailer Tracking - Never Loose Another Trailer Again!

Keeping tabs on your business can be difficult enough without having to keep track of your trailers. Drivers will frequently drop trailers in one location and before you know it, the trailer had been relocated to another area of on the lot. Your business needs a small, battery powered GPS trailer tracking device that will automatically report location information of your trailers to your computer every day to help you reduce down time and increase the number of loads.


GPS Trailer Trackers can be a great investment no matter what size trailer you own. From utility trailers to equipment trailers, we have a tracking solution for you. Trailer rental companies have seen benefits the same day that their tracking unit is installed on the trailer. Some times, the customer may decide to keep the trailer for an extended amount of time or not return the trailer at all. If it ends up an an impound lot, you are stuck with the bill. With a trailer tracking system from LoneStar Tracking, this can be prevented and save your company money. They are easy to install and with the device management portal, you can begin saving on fuel costs, labor costs and protect your equipment. Our buying guide and success stories will help you choose the right real time gps tracker for equipment tracking, locating construction equipment and to monitor trailers. Battery backup options are available in all of our plug and play trackers.

Smartone C

The Smartone C Global GPS Tracker can be quickly mounted to the top of your trailer with the included 3M dual side adhesive and the included batteries can last  up to 2.5 years.  This tracking device has coverage across the globe on the Globalstar Satellite Network, and does not need cellular towers to operate. Monthly subscriptions are as low as $11 per month with no contract so you can cancel at any time.

  • Battery Powered
  • Waterproof
  • Global Coverage
Smartone C
Smartone Solar GPS Tracker

Smartone Solar

The Smartone Solar offers the same great features as the Smartone C, expect that it has a 10 year battery life. Easily mount the Plug and Play Solar Powered Trailer GPS tracker on the top of your trailer and you are ready monitor your assets location.

  • Solar Powered / 10 Year Battery Life
  • Waterproof
  • Global Coverage


The LST-330 is a no contract, plug and play, prepaid trailer gps with all the basic features that one would need to keep tabs on their trailers. Running on the AT&T 3G network, the LST-330 has great coverage across North America. The trailer must have a 12v to 24v battery in order to power the tracking device. While your trailer is stationary, the device will go into a sleep mode to conserve power, but once the trailer starts moving, the tracker will wake up and report its location. At any time while the trailer is moving, you can send a “ping” to the device and it will respond with an updated location.

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Coverage in N. America on AT&T
  • Water Resistant
  • Battery Backup
LST-330 GPS Tracker

Monitoring Your Trailers Couldn't Be Easier

Our GPS Trailer Trackers and fleet management software were designed with simplicity in mind. Quick to install and easy to track all with Google Maps!

Still unsure which tracking device is right for you or your business?  Our tracking device specialists are here to help you 7 days a week.  eMail a trailer tracking specialist or call us at 1-877-777-8636 today!