GPS Trailer Tracking

GPS Tracker for Trailers

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Battery Powered
  • North America Coverage
  • 4G LTE or Satellite

Monitor Usage and Location​

GeoFencing for a trailer

With a high quality GPS trailer tracker from Lonestar Tracking, you have the ability to quickly and easily monitor your trailer’s usage and location.

Our battery powered trackers for trailers are quick and easy to install and are fully integrated with Google Maps. Tracking and protecting your trailer has never been easier!

  • View your trailer’s real time status from our easy to use software
  • Get live updates on your trailer's location with unlimited pings
  • Get geofence alerts if your trailer is taken outside of a predefined area
  • Get alerts for unauthorized activity or suspicious use​
  • Options allow for mileage tracking, temperature tracking and more​

Recover Lost or Stolen Trailers Quickly!​​

Whether you are a business owner, fleet manager or individual, you rely on your trailer for many reasons. More often than not, your trailer is being used to transport and store important and pricey equipment and materials.

Don’t let yourself get caught in the unfortunate event of a trailer theft that leaves you out thousands of dollars in lost assets and labor time.

The best way to combat trailer theft is to install a GPS tracker for trailers. Without a GPS tracker, recovering your lost or stolen trailer is difficult, and there is a good chance that you may never get it back.

With a GPS trailer tracker from Lonestar Tracking, however, you can locate your trailer in real time anywhere around the world, bettering your chances of recovering your trailer.  Depending on the tracker, the battery life can be as much as 10 years without replacement!

With our innovative trailer tracking software, you can quickly and easily review your trailer’s travel and usage history using the integrated Google maps application right from your smart phone or computer.

This technology can help you to improve trailer turn times, reduce any downtime and service more loads on a daily basis.

Reduce Costs, Increase Profitability ​

Lonestar Tracking’s trailer trackers are trusted for use on fleets worldwide. Our trailer alarms provide complete visibility over trailers while they are on the road, and peace of mind that they are safe when left at job sites.

Our software allows you to have 24/7 access to you trailer. So you know when the trailer is on the road, disconnected from the cabin, mileage, temperature and more!

With a trailer tracking system, you can have access to all the logistics you need regarding your trailer and its whereabouts around the clock, giving you peace of mind that you asset is protected.

Types of Trailer Alarms We Offer

Lonestar Tracking offers a wide variety of trailer trackers that suit the needs of every fleet manager or trailer owner.

We have battery powered, solar powered and wired options. We help you to determine which type of tracker will best suit your needs and unique situation.

All our trackers are durable, waterproof and able to withstand most any condition. All our wired options also have battery backups, so no need to worry about losing coverage.

Several of our trackers even have the ability to run off the GlobalStar Satellite Data Networks to give you global coverage.  

You can rest assured that you trailer is trackable at all times with our amazing battery life and coverage!

Globalstar Simplex coverage map

Unique Tracking System

Reduce cost of operating a trailer with gps

Our trailer GPS trackers are designed specifically for trailers. We understand what fleets are looking for when it comes to tracking and we offer trackers and management software with a trailer’s specific needs in mind.  

Our easy to navigate management software provides you with comprehensive coverage information and logistics that provide details regarding whether your fleet is on the road or is parked at a job site waiting to be loaded or unloaded.

We provide a complete trailer tracking system, not just basic track and trace information. Our trailer management software was designed to provide the complete trailer information that you need to maximize your return on investment and minimize the cost of ownership.

Track Mileage Accurately and Save Money

When your trailers are traveling all over the road, it can be difficult to track mileage accurately. Using a GPS tracker gives you the opportunity to monitor driver activity, speed, distance and mileage traveled by your trailers.

These logistics allow you to find ways to conserve fuel and reduce all around costs. Your investment in a trailer tracker will pay for itself ten fold when start reaping the many benefits.

Our most popular gps trailer tracking device is the LST-330. This device was designed to be installed outdoors (waterproof) and contains an internal backup battery.  If your trailer has a battery for the trailer brakes, then this tracker is perfect for you.  It can be easily installed in or next to your battery box and provide you with instant updates about your trailer.  This tracker was designed to consume very little power so it will enter a sleep mode when the trailer is not moving.  During this sleep mode, you will be unable to communicate with the device.  However, once the trailer begins to move, the tracker will wake up and begin reporting it’s location.

Our GL300 LTE Trailer Tracking Device is the most popular non-wired unit.  It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and comes with a 14 day battery.  You can also purchase a waterproof magnetic enclosure for the GL300 LTE which will allow you to stick the tracker to any trailer without messing with any wires.  When you are done tracking, just pull the device off and place it on your next trailer that needs tracking.  You can even be automatically notified if the tracker has a low battery and needs to be charged. 

The Smartone C Global GPS Tracker can be quickly mounted to the top of your trailer with the included 3M dual side adhesive and the included batteries can last  up to 2.5 years.  This tracking device has coverage across the globe on the Globalstar Satellite Network, and does not need cellular towers to operate. Monthly subscriptions are as low as $11 per month with no contract so you can cancel at any time. (coverage map)

The Smartone Solar offers the same great features as the Smartone C, expect that it has a 10 year battery life. Easily mount the Plug and Play Solar Powered Trailer GPS tracker on the top of your trailer and you are ready monitor your assets location. (coverage map)

Monitoring Your Trailers Couldn't Be Easier

Our GPS Trailer Trackers and fleet management software were designed with simplicity in mind. Quick to install and easy to track all with Google Maps!