Protecting Your Trailer: The Advantages of GPS Tracking

advantages of gps

While theft of watercraft and other types of vehicles is on the rise, simple solutions ensure that you don't become a victim yourself. Trailer-theft has become a common crime that could cost you time and money if you're not prepared for the worst.

The many advantages of GPS tracking devices include the ability to sleep easy knowing your cargo is safe. Here are just a few key reasons to use GPS devices.

GPS Helps You Find Stolen Trailers

Whether you're traveling around the country or around the county, you worry about your trailer whenever you park it. GPS devices are the number one way to protect your trailer or cargo by being able to know where it is at all times.

While GPS trackers won't let you know whether or not someone has pilfered or tampered with the cargo, you'll know where to find the trailer. If you've secured your trailer door well you won't have to worry about what's inside. Finding the trailer with GPS means finding the cargo as well.

Trailers are stolen from remote locations or during odd hours of the night. It might take hours to be able to detect that the trailer is missing and figure a response. GPS allows you to find stolen trailers instantly.

Discounts on Insurance

If you've ever filled out a form for homeowners or renters insurance, you know that having theft prevention or security systems installed lowers your premium. The same goes for cargo trailers.

If you're the type of person who uses a trailer to transport a boat, your boat insurance company will give you a discount if there's GPS on the trailer. Some insurance companies require GPS devices before they'll allow you to apply for coverage.

With a LoneStar Tracking device, you get proof of coverage that your insurance company will recognize. With secure coverage like this, you don't have to worry about your boat or any cargo on your trailer.

GPS Trackers are Hard to Tamper With

While GPS tracking devices aren't totally impervious to tracking, they require a skilled hacker. If you live in a remote or rural area, it's unlikely that the most talented hacker is lurking around the corner ready to steal your cargo or trailer.

GPS hacking requires knowing how GPS trackers work and how to work around them.

While thieves may know how to find the tracking device, they likely don't know how to hack or remote them. It's likely you'll be alerted of something fishy while they're working on the GPS device.

Whether you're transporting precious cargo or just some vehicles for a recreational weekend, a GPS tracker ensures you and your items get to the destination safely.

The Advantages of GPS Don't Stop There

Among the many advantages of GPS include the ability to find help if you end up lost on an adventure. If your other devices aren't giving you what you need, your GPS devices on your trailer will let you and others know where to find you.

For more reasons to use GPS, check out our list of ways that GPS protects cargo trailers.

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