Oyster LTE

From: $9.99 / month and a $99.99 sign-up fee

  • PINPOINT YOUR PROPERTY to within feet. Easy installation almost anywhere with NO wires to connect allows usage monitoring and real-time asset recovery.
  • 4G LTE Cat-M1 TECHNOLOGY – The most advanced cellular technology available today.
  • IP 67 RUGGED AND WATERPROOF casing is ideal for trailers, dirt bikes, ATVs and boats. The Oyster LTE  withstands mud, splashes and impacts.
  • NO CONTRACTS and no recurring monthly fees. Your initial purchase includes 1 years of unlimited service. Renew afterward for a low $99 fee per year. Month-to-Month plans also available.
  • AMAZING BATTERY LIFE – At 1 locate per day the Oyster LTE will last up to 7 years.  At 1 locate every hour, the Oyster LTE will last 1 year.
  • MOTION-ACTIVATED with built-in antennas – The Oyster LTE will wake up when your asset begins to move and immediately report it’s location
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LoneStar Tracking’s compact, rugged battery GPS tracking device has been designed for tracking containers, trailers, skip bins, and other assets where super-long battery life is required without sacrificing the frequency of updates and performance.

The Oyster LTE Benefits:

Quickly reclaim your assets in the event of loss or theft
• Regain peace of mind knowing your property is protected
• Receive real-time alerts anywhere you have a computer or smartphone
• Discreet, low-profile construction makes the device easy-to-hide
• Superior accuracy brings you within feet of the asset
• With coverage across the United States, thieves have no place to hide
• Free, automatic software updates without disconnecting the device

The Oyster LTE Alerts and Notifications:

The LoneStar Tracking System will provide you with a variety of alerts so that you are always aware of the status of your assets.  Alerts are available on our website or can be sent directly to your phone via email or text.  Alerts included:

  • Entering or Exiting a Geofence
  • Low Battery Notification
  • Asset Moving


The Oyster2 is fitted with a Coulomb Counter which tracks the devices energy consumption. It is hard to predict the battery life of LTC batteries due to their flat discharge curve, the Battery Meter enables an accurate battery level to be determined for great features such as:

Accurate Low Battery Alerts – Alerts can be set at any level which provides enough time for new batteries to be fitted.

Battery Life Predictions – The Oyster2 can simply be deployed in the application with the desired settings for a short time (a week or so). The energy usage over this time can be determined, and from there battery life can predicted accurately – no more guesswork!


The Oyster2 uses bank-level AES-256 device authentication and data encryption to ensure that your data is kept private and secure.


The Oyster2 can be powered by Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries. These batteries help achieve the optimum performance due to the following reasons:

  • Higher quality out of the box, meaning less chance of early failures compared to other battery types
  • Extended temperature tolerance, operating temperatures of -40°C to +85°C are typical
  • High Capacity – meaning many years of operation
  • Extremely low self discharge – typically around 1%


The Oyster2 is fitted with a 3-axis accelerometer which allows the device to ‘sleep’ in an ultra-low power state yet still wakeup when movement occurs. The GPS and accelerometer are used in tandem to intelligently determine when the device is moving, and increase the frequency of location updates. When movement ends, the update rate is scaled back to once per day. This ensures that up to date location information is always provided, without wasting any data or battery life.

The Oyster LTE is designed to report it’s position every 5 minutes while moving, and once every 12 hours when stationary.

What’s Included:

(1) Oyster LTE Waterproof GPS Tracking Device
(1) Free Android or iPhone App
(1) 1 Year of Unlimited Service ($99/$149 per year thereafter) or 1 Month of Unlimited Service ($9.99/$14.99 per month thereafter)
**Requires 3 AA Batteries

Service Plan

Bronze (1 hour updates), Bronze PLUS (5 min updates)

Service Length

Month-to-Month, Yearly

Service Plans

Movement Updates5 min2 min1 min
Heartbeat Updates25hrs25hrs25hrs
Basic ReportsXXX
Advanced ReportsXX
IOS and Android AppXXX
Live GPS TrackingXXX
Starter DisableXXX
Driver BehaviorXX
Fleet ManagementXX
Vehicle BookingX
Temperature MonitoringXX
Speeding AlertXXX
Power Disconnect AlertXXX
Battery Level AlertXXX
Geofencing AlertXXX
Tow AlertXXX
Ignition AlertXX
Idle AlertXX
Working Hour AlertXX