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GPS trackers for trailers, heavy equipment and anything that moves

When it comes to your assets, you want to know exactly where they are, if they are being used to their fullest extent and to ensure that they don’t get lost or stolen. At Lonestar Tracking, we get this, so we provide GPS tracking solutions to suit your every need.




Jet Ski


Golf Cart


Motorcycle GPS Tracker


Our most powerful battery operated waterproof GPS tracker to date.  Custom designed to fit most outdoor equipment.


Our most powerful wired waterproof GPS tracker to date. Custom designed to fit most outdoor equipment.

Feature Description
L 87 x W 51 x H 30mm
IP67 ABS/Polycarbonate plastic
Up to 5 years once-daily updates
-25°C to +60°C
4G LTE-Cat-M1 and NB-IoT bands
Every 5 minutes while moving
Feature Description
L 135 x W 62 x H 38mm
IP67 compliant
5200mAh rechargeable
Up to 120 days (one location per day)
-30℃ to +80℃
4G LTE-Cat-M1 and NB-IoT bands
Every 5 minutes while moving

Every device requires a $14.95 subscription plan

LoneStar Tracking provides a cellular connection to your tracking device which allows your tracker to communicate with our servers. Along with the cellular network connection, you will also receive:

Free over-the-air software updates 

Access to our LST Web Portal

gps tracking mobile app

An Android or iPhone mobile app

technical support

Amazing technical support!

The Best GPS Asset Tracking System

The GPS Asset Trackers offered by Lonestar Tracking are the superior choice for asset tracking within virtually any industry. All our tracking devices provide the following benefits: 

  • Easy to install
  • Multiple power options - battery powered, hard wired or solar powered
  • Real time location tracking
  • Durable construction and design that is suitable for even the harshest conditions
  • Options to operate via cellular network or through satellite for both urban and remote locations

Choosing a GPS Asset Tracking Device

When it comes to choosing the right asset tracking device to suit your specific needs, you’ll need to consider the following:

First, does the asset that you wish to track have a power source, like a generator or vehicle? If so, a wired GPS tracking device will connect to its battery and power the tracker.

If your asset does not have a power source, no problem! We have trackers that are powered by either solar energy or batteries.  We even carry asset trackers that have a 10 year battery life!

Next, you will need to consider the coverage aspect. Will your asset be in remote places that are out of cellular range? If so, a satellite tracking device will provide your best coverage.

For assets that are in urban areas, we offer tracking devices that run off cellular networks like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

Lastly, do you need your asset tracker to withstand extreme conditions? We offer trackers that can be exposed to water and freezing conditions without fail.

Consulting with our team of industry experts will help you answer these questions and determine which tracking device will best fit you and your tracking needs. Call us today to discuss your asset tracking needs!

More Than Just Theft Deterrent!

Your initial reason for looking into getting an asset tracker may be as a theft deterrent. While GPS tracking is certainly a great way to recover stolen assets, they have the ability to do much more than that.

GPS tracking is a great way to give you the peace of mind of knowing when your assets leave and arrive certain places. Additionally, GPS asset tracking equipment allows the user to monitor their asset’s utilization.

A common challenge that many businesses face is the fact that some of their assets sit for long periods of time without being used. By using GPS tracking devices, you have the ability to improve asset utilization by making sure that assets are not over or under used.

Asset tracking devices can also track the run time of your assets, such as a forklift, bulldozer or generator. This technology can help you to verify that jobs are getting done correctly and efficiently.

Additionally, many of our trackers have further options that allow you to track other variables such as temperature and fuel levels.

Let’s say you rent a generator that needs frequent fueling, with GPS asset tracking technology, you are able to check and see if and when the generator needs to be refueled as well as the exact location of it.

GPS asset tracking can save you time, energy and money by giving you the logistics that you need to not only locate a lost or stolen asset, but to also make sure it is being utilized and maintained properly.

Creating Peace of Mind and Optimal Efficiency

Whether you are looking to get a GPS tracker for peace of mind as a theft deterrent, or you want to improve your asset’s productivity and efficiency; our tracking equipment provides you with a vast array of benefits.  When it comes to GPS, LoneStar Tracking has your asset tracking, vehicle tracking or fleet tracking covered.

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