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Dependability when you need it

GPS tracking devices have become common for theft recovery, search and rescue and the peace of mind knowing where your equipment or love ones are located.  But snowmobile GPS trackers are not created equal.  Your snowmobile is used in extreme temperatures in remote areas where communication can be difficult.  If something happens to you or your snow machine, you can be confident that your GPS tracker will be transmitting your location.

Cellular Technology

Cellular based snowmobile GPS trackers are the most common and most affordable.  These tend to work great in all conditions as long as there is cell phone coverage in your area.  If you travel to remote areas without cellular service, then your GPS tracker will not work.

Satellite Technology

Satellite based snowmobile GPS trackers will operate almost anywhere on the globe.  They report position as fast as every 5 minutes as long as they have a clear view of the sky.  If you are in a heavily wooded area and cannot see the sky, then a satellite tracker may not work for you. 

Cellular - Installation

Installation of a cellular based snowmobile tracker is very simple and can be hidden on the snow machine.  Some of the cellular based trackers are battery powered while others require a connection to the 12v battery.  These trackers are rated at temperatures down to -40F.

Satellite - Installation

Installation of a satellite based tracker is a bit different than the cellular counterpart.  The satellite tracker requires a clear view of the sky and can not be hidden.  Similarly, there are battery powered units and also units that require a connection to your 12v battery.

If you are riding in remote areas without cellular coverage, then the SmartOne C is the device to choose.  It’s only about as big as a hockey puck and can be powered by 4 AAA batteries or hard wired to the snowmobile. 

If you are in an area that has cell phone coverage, then a device like the Oyster2 would work great for a snowmobile GPS tracker.  The Oyster2 is powered by 3 AA batteries and can last for up to 5 years at 1 location update per day.  This device can be hidden on your snow machine so it will work great for theft recovery as well.

Looking for a wired solution for your snowmobile tracking needs?  The nice thing about a a wired tracker, is that you never have to worry about replacing batteries.  The TitanLTE is designed to be rugged and can withstand the harshest situations.  This device can be hidden and operates on cellular networks.

Choosing a GPS tracker for your snowmobile can be difficult and that’s why our GPS tracking experts are here to help.  Feel free to contact us by phone, emails or chat to discuss your requirements.  We want to make sure you get the right tracker for your needs the first time.  As well, we also offer a 30 day return policy.  So if your tracker is not exactly what you wanted, no problem.  We will give you a full refund or exchange your device for a different model. 

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