Boat GPS Tracking

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Prevent Accidents That Are Waiting To Happen To Your Boat

LoneStar Tracking® gives you the power to know that your boat is safe, secure and ready to enjoy anytime from any smart device or computer with a boat GPS tracking device. Affordable, easy to install and simple to use, LoneStar Tracking® is the perfect boat GPS tracking and monitoring solution for connecting you with your boat fleet

Customize how you track and monitor your vessel.  LoneStar Tracking® offers multiple options for marine gps tracking devices, sensors and cellular and satellite providers to ensure optimal performance while tracking and monitoring specific assets from any smart device or computer.   

  • Monitor bilge level, high water, temperature and engine to make sure systems are functioning properly
  • Track GPS position and set geo-fences to know where your watercraft is at all times
  • Control your lights, A/C, and countless other systems from any smart device or computer
  • Secure your boat by connecting to entry alarms and motion sensors
  • Global Coverage via the Globalstar Satellite Network
  • Tilt monitors to see if a watercraft has been turned over
  • Instant alerts via email or SMS

Smartone C

Do you take your boat off-shore and enjoy traveling miles from civilization?  The Smartone C is the perfect solution for you because it does not rely on a cellular

  • Global GPS Tracking Coverage
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries
  • IP 68 Waterproof Rating

Smartone Solar

Looking for a Boat GPS Tracking device that is solar powered and can operate for 10 years without maintenance?  The Smartone Solar has all the same features as the Smartone C and is also Solar Powered!

  • Global GPS Tracking Coverage
  • 10 Year Battery Life
  • IP69K Rated


The LST-330 boat gps tracking device provides an basic way for you to monitor the vessel and recover it if ever stolen.  No sensor inputs are available on this device.  

  • Operates on AT&T in N. America
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Water Resistant


Does your boat or watercraft mainly stay in freshwater?  The LST-2160 operates on the AT&T cellular network and provide one input to connect a sensor.  Most of our customers choose to install a float switch into the bilge area to be notified if the vessel begins taking on water, although many other sensors are available. 

  • 3 Wire Install
  • 1 Sensor Input Available
  • 3 Minute Updates


Our battery powered GL300 boat gps tracking device is a small, discrete and easy to use tracker that has a 14 day battery life.  This device operates on both the AT&T and Verizon 4G LTE networks so coverage is amazing!  

  • Water Resistant
  • 2 Minute Updates
  • 14 Day Battery Life

Reliable and easy to use

August 5, 2018

Great customer service, and the device works every time I have ever needed it.

Jason Knotts

Great customer service

June 4, 2018

Great customer service and i received a great product from them

Tony Velez

Super easy to use

June 4, 2018

Easy to install, affordable cost! Don’t be a Victim of auto theft. Get yours today.

Krystal Bennett

Amazing company

June 3, 2018

LoneStar tracking is a 5 star company in my opinion. Had a couple hickups in the begining , and they were very proactive in getting the problem resolved. I am a peeon compared to their other customers, and treated me as if I was a millon dollar customer. Very fast and best customer service hands down. I will be refering anyone I know to Lonestar.

Tracy Whitaker

Works wonderfully!

May 21, 2018

Works wonderfully for tracking employee movements.

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