Stolen Trailer Recovery in Albuquerque

Stolen Trailer Recovered

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL RECOVERY! One of our customers in Albuquerque NM had installed one of our trailer GPS trackers and it quickly paid off.  This customer had a box trailer full of construction equipment ($30,000) that he depended on for work.  He regularly parked his trailer in his driveway at night and even had a security camera pointing right at the trailer.  However, that didn’t stop a pair of crooks on October 19th 2019. 

At about 2AM, our customer received an alert on his phone saying that his trailer was on the move.  He quickly looked out the window and saw the trailer behind someone else’s truck!  Our customer quickly called the police and opened the LoneStar Tracking app on his phone and was able to provide location information to the police.  Instantly the local police department dispatched two squad cars which quickly located and recovered the trailer.  The trailer was returned shortly after the theft recovery and our customer still has all his equipment. 

Our trailer tracking system is able to show you exactly where your trailer is on a map by using google maps.  You can even see the exact parking space if you zoom in.  Our OysterLTE has an amazing 5 year battery life and our RetrieverLTE has a 4 year battery life.  All of our tracking devices use the latest 4G CAT-M1 tracking technology while other tracking companies are still selling 3g units.  Be sure to purchase a tracker that has a proven track record of successful theft recoveries. 

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